Monday, December 21, 2015

Kevin! A Card Papoy Christmas

Kevin from The Card Papoy was cleaning out his collection recently and offered up some cards to the cardsphere for a simple comment.. Since it's Christmas I decided to pick out some of my favorites he sent and match them up with characters from Home Alone, my second favorite Christmas movie right behind Die Hard and right in front of Jingle All the Way.

If you don't like this movie  you are either much older or much older than I am. Either way if you haven't seen it go watch it now.

Just like if you haven't watched J-Hey here play much baseball you should rectify that immidiately. Kevin was nice enough to send over this refractor #'d/500


This Studio card of Ron Gant is great even though he's missing his hat. A much larger hat is behind him.

Much like Joe Pesci's hat is now burned into his skull.

What? You knew it was coming but still...

My daughter stole the Bieber almost as fast as Kevin's parents left him at home in the movie.

Stadium Club inserts?? Yes please, this Glavine "Quick Start" card was sadly missing from my collection for far too long.

Sorry Uncle Frank, my French friend helped me out calm down buddy. Hey check this out...

I declared these the best looking relic cards in the game just the other day and this Hudson did nothing to change that. Great looking card.

O-PEEEEE-CHEEEEEE, Lanceur Smoltz 

2 Upper Deck sets I never see in Florida but the Papoy had stashed away in France.

Again 2 Stadium Club sets I neverrr see.

Tired of Home Alone yet? Ok I promise just one more.

Flair cards are so nice, would love to find a box of this stuff that wasn't stuck together.

I didn't do a count as to see what percentage of Upper Deck cards were sent overseas to me but the majority of the ones I picked out to show were Upper Deck, we need to get a petition to get them their MLB license back.

I don't think I had any of this set.

Upper Deck for the win!

Gold vs Silver, parallel battle for the ages. I vote UD.

In addition to team/player lots, Kevin listed a bunch of sets and I almost request Collector's Choice as it one of my favorites of all time. No matter he packed a bunch of good ones in anyways.

Closing it out with a pair of the Curacao Kid. Thanks for all the great cards Kevin, I am working on a return package for you, just waiting on a couple cards to come in the mail.


  1. Kevin sent a ton of great cards your way...but wait -- isn't that Hank Aaron Baseball Heroes card in a Milwaukee BREWERS uniform? Hahaha! I've got four of them already, so I thought I'd point that out. It came out in the early 1990s as an insert, I think.

  2. Wow - that's an awfully generous package! I especially love the photo choice on that Crimedog - stretch!!!

  3. Boy would those glossy sets stick together. I read online somewhere there is a few tricks you can do to help getting the stuck cards loose before pulling them apart.

    That French guy is one ok dude. Glad he had time to put down the wine and cheese and send you some cool stuff.

  4. Great cards from Kevin! I haven't watched Home Alone in far too long. I need to dig out my VHS copy.

  5. I still watch Home Alone on a regular basis, and not just because of my name ! Still hilarious all those years after. Thanks for the kind words and write up ! I was happy to send you those cards (and yeah, I'm a little obsessed with Upper Deck, and I can't believe I didn't see Aaron was in a Brewers uniform !)

    1. I am too, Upper Deck and C are my favorite sets. I've got some cards to send you soon, it's all good I collect all Aarons!