Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Flea Market Round Up Pt. 1

Made my weekly trip to Big Top Flea Market this past weekend here in Tampa and stumbled upon a new vendor with table full of boxes and boxes of dollar cards in top loaders. I began to dig thru and once I did the guy told me they were all a quarter today.

What!? OK. this Maz may have a soft corner but is other wise minty at least good enough for my collection. This may have been my favorite purchase of the day.

But like every collector I love me some oddballs, like this pair of Jimmy Dean hall of famers.

Thank you sir, may I have another! 2 cards I remember pulling out of magazines/cereal boxes as a kid but never of these 2 guys. I don't per se collect Ozzie Smith but I may as well as I have a ton of his oddball issues and other cards.

Oddball Spahns a-plenty. I've had my eye on that Ziploc one for a while now ever since seeing it one on of the other blogs. The Action Packed card is one of those crazy embossed 3-D type cards from the 90's

If I only knew about Tom Glavine from 90's oddballs, I'd think he really liked breakfast..

..with cheese. I'm afraid to pull these but they are SO tempting.

Even better than all those oddballs was this really sweet minor league card of the Glavinator.

So. Much. Information.

Keeping in the oddball spirit here's a nice one of another lefty.

I'm a sucker for plain fronts, but this back ain't so bad either. Never heard of "Renata Galasso, Inc." Maybe someone knows something about them/remembers them.   http://www.beckett.com/baseball/1977-84/galasso-glossy-greats/25-whitey-ford-3804629 OK not so oddball but still a cool card non the less, just like this -

Cool Papa Bell Sausage oddball!

I'm assuming these were mail in cards not in package as i'd imagine the sausage juice would ruin the cards.

Also nabbed these 2 of the Negro Leaguers out of the same box.

The lone non-baseball card of this here post is this round cornered weirdo that now i've taken a picture of I can't find to tell you what issue it is.

This post may break the Yankees allowance meter around here. But I needed that Deion for my PC and the shiny Phil Rizzuto was too cool to leave behind for a quarter.


Another vintage find, this one of the man Bill Bruton.

Closing this one out with a pair of awesomely over shiny 90s cards. As always thanks for reading!


  1. A lot of nice cards there for a quarter a piece, nice picking!

  2. I think I paid six bucks for my copy of that Maz, so you definitely got a steal there.

  3. Nice finds! Love those oddballs.

  4. Very nice my friend. This post was big time click bait for me as the Maz is awesome.

  5. Sweet. Action Packed is actually a pretty cool set. lots of great photos of vintage players.

  6. Great stuff, especially that Cool Papa!

  7. Great pickups... especially the Maz. Pretty sure... the Richard Martin (hockey card) comes from the 1977-78 Topps or OPC Glossy set. Hope you and your family have a safe and wonderful 2016!