Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Mail Drop - Around the World

I believe they call this an "ob-card"

Picked this up at the card show last weekend for $3, hand numbered on the back 13/25. Just missed my first Christmas card but i'll take it as it's my first auto of Banuelos and i'm glad it's not licensed to avoid that hideous logo of the team that drafted him. Enjoy Chasen Shreve suckers!

Dropped a few packages in the mail today if any of these zip codes belong to you watch out -

9040 Belgium

44 catches, 440 yards, 4 touchdowns. Do your thing Julio!

Catch you later

Monday, September 28, 2015

Card Show - All the Rest

I picked up some more cards at the card show that weren't in the nickel box including this beauty of Ed Mathews. I always say i'm going to walk around the whole show and try to budget out where i'm going to spend my time and money but usually just end up diving into the first dime/quarter box I find and get lost in the moment.. 

Ah the Golden Age when teams didn't have logos on their caps, oh well the card still looks great. I always fail to live out my card show plan but usually walk away satisfied with my purchases.

The Maddux in the Cubbies uniform isn't near as weird as the other two. Mad Dog in the Padres might top all three of these though. 

I love the nineties. I neglected Maddux as a kid as far as collecting goes but am trying to reconcile that error now in my old age.

Shiny Hall of Famers keep getting shinier, that Hank hurts the eyes it's so shiny. The Mathews Topps Tribute is perfect to me for a refractory card, no border, simple script, great shot. I can't stand the Tribute cards from this year with their gaudy background and curly cue lines everywhere.

The Hi-Tek is so calm compared to the sweet electric and red white and blue stars going on to it's left.

This scan does this cards shiny levels no justice, you need sunglasses to look at this one friends. 

If this wasn't a Mets card I think I might have finally settled on a wallet card. The story of Glavine leaving Atlanta for New York at least according to John Schuerholz in his book is so convuluted and it just seems like both their egos got in the way of him spending his career in one place. At least he chose the right sport though i'm sure he would've been a pretty good hockey player as well.

Shockingly the Neon cards are some of the least shiny ones here but I always love the VR Extremist '94 projection cards.

These cards.... So good looking, so thick, I want more. I will never buy Museum Collection retail but damn these are some beauties.

Not sure if this is a relic or some strange screen print on a relic but it's a Chipper and i'd never seen it before and now it's mine.

How can you not grab a card from a subset called Hobby Masters?

Sorry for the Chipper bomb but one of the great things about the "junk wax" over production of the 90's is I still am finding cards I need of my all time favorite player all the time. Including this gem of him in a Gwinnett uniform.

Stadium Club MILLENIUM!!!! Vlad and Andruw on the same Prospects card not bad Topps, not bad. the card on the far right has a green felt background. Pretty sweet.

Thanks for reading folks see ya next time.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Card Show 20 for $1

Went to my local card show last weekend at the flea market and ran into a 20/$1 box, awesome! Check Roger "the other spitter" McDowell's shades on this one.

To be honest I had no clue who Don Kessinger was just that this was an awesome chrome college uniform card to add to my mini collection and as it so happened Ole Miss would beat Bama later in the day to much rejoicing. My Gators have to play them next week after a heart attack win today versus the Vols.

My first Leaf 2015 card of my favorite radio announcer Don Sutton in Dodger colored pajamas.

Can't have enough Deion, there is no such thing.

Can't pass up a card if this guy in a minor league jersey.

Love these 90s oddballs 

This card saved me the trouble of tracking all those tiny pieces down myself. 

Ooh 3d Crime Dog

Archives: the poor mans way to get minty vintage cards

The other 2 sport athlete that played for both the Falcons and Braves. I realized a few weeks ago I still have very little early 2000s cards. 

These 3 autos actually came out of a quarter box. Shows you can wait 20 years on most prospects and scoop them up cheap. 

Love this card. RIP

This guy loves his bow and arrow as seen in his 30 for 30 on ESPN.

Random vintage Falcons cards are never bad. 

My boys are 3-0 and it feels so nice. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

More Cards From Across the Border

Recieved a package from Douglas over at Sportscards From The Dollar Store the other day full of some great cards.

I had requested a few cards out of one of his hockey repack adventures posts, but of course he sent me some bonus goodies such as this - 

A really awesome relic card of the now retired St. Louis, numbered out of 100. I'll admit I held a little bit of a grudge towards Marty after he demanded a trade to New York. But in the end the trade worked out better for us as we got Ryan Callahan long term and the Rangers only got 1+ season of one of greatest players of all time. I'll never forget his game winner in overtime of game six of the '04 Finals so thanks Marty and thanks Douglas for this great card.

<iframe width="1016" height="542" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/42ZLrvlIVss" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

This sticker was one of the cards I had requested, the Bolts started there preseason schedule last night with an overtime loss to the Predators amidst trade rumors involving our best player.

He's that guy in the middle, he's kinda good. Bishop is going to have his work cut out for him to start the season as his backup just had surgery for a blood clot.

Douglas sent over a ton of great Lightning cards including these 3 from the '04 Cup team.

He also sent some of the new flagship football cards I needed including this great shot of Devin Hester, i'll never forget him and Deion crying on the after show or let my Bucs friends forget we were up 56-0 at one point in this game either.

Thanks a ton for all the great cards man!

Go Gators!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Off Hiatus - Not a Trade Post

OK i'm back, not that there's a whole bunch of you looking for me or anything but I haven't posted in almost a week and it's not for lack of acquiring cardboard..

Oh no that's not the issue at all, I went to the card show this weekend and picked up a big ol stack of a little bit of everything.

My normal 5/$1 guy that always has new stuff for me had  20/$1 special going on and I went in. These are just a sampling i'll post more over the rest of this week, I started a new job last Monday and had my son's first birthday party this weekend so i've been too busy to blog.

But my Falcons are 2-0 baby! Picked up this low #'d Rocky for a few bones

This one ran me $4 not bad. He'll be starting Sunday against the stinking Cowboys. My Gators are 
3-0 and will be taking on Tennessee at the Swamp this weekend, can't wait. Like I said i've got more to post this week plus 2 killer trade packages from up north. Thanks for checking in!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Nachos Grande Trade Stack Haul

Recently claimed a trade stack over at Nachos Grande and got some bonus Munnatawket minis with this awesome mini Smoltz shown below. There were a few other cards in the stack as well but gonna keep it short and sweet today.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Mailbag - COMC / ebay Bravos

Been posting a bunch of football lately I know, here's some baseball for your eyeballs as the season winds down. Got a COMC order in the mail today so here you go.

Love the Inception cards and was able to pick this one up for cheap off COMC, Hursh looks likes he'll be moving to the bullpen but we need arms there too so that's helpful. He was actually pitching for Oklahoma State when I was taking a class there a few years ago.

Bubbles! Picked up this die cut, bubble version of current closer (who never gets to close games since we never win anymore) Arodys Vizcaino. Kid throws heat and has looked pretty good so far since coming back from his bone head PED suspension earlier in the year.

Finest Refractor action here.

This Andruw shot was too awesome for my scanner so here's a crappy cell phone pic. This may be the set I ultimately chase, one of my favorites ever since I was 10 years old still to this day.

Here's where the ebay scores take over, picked up this Lucas Sims auto for $3 shipped. He was in a bus wreck early on in the minor league season and had his season and thus his development shortened but should be in Spring games with the big club come March.

Purple cards never get old. This guy showed alot of promise out of the rotation until he was scratched on the 9th with sore elbow and will visit Dr. James Andrews.....

Can you tell I focused on prospects in my last few orders, I believe this one was 26 cents shipped.

As I've stated before I absolutely love shots of guys in their High School/College uniforms and this one of Tyrell Jenkins is another hit on that mini collection. He just had his first card as a Brave come out in '15 Bowman Chrome. I'll be on the lookout for those at the card show I'm going to on Saturday, if you need them let me know and i'll keep an eye out for your team(s).

Closing it out with the 19 year old we bought from Arizona earlier in the year when baseball was still fun to watch, anyways Shelby Miller and David Price are about to go at it so see ya and as always thanks for reading!