Thursday, March 31, 2016

Dime Box Trade

Got a Easter surprise Saturday when I opened my mailbox and found a PWE from Dime Box Nick. 

Always nice to get a high end card like this 2015 High Tek card in a trade. I'll probably never open a box of this stuff but you gotta love anything acetate. I believe this is the "pipes" version but it could just as well be "crop circles" or "Mayan tile" with the crazy names these always have.

Nick always seems to throw in some vintage in his loaded PWEs. The Camp is a buyback and the Aaron and Reed will go in the team set binders. 

Flash forward to 2016, the Opening Day Olivera was new to me, as was the Simmons. Fitting Andrelton is in red as he's an Angel now, might be watching some of their games for him, Trout and Pujols breaking records. 

Love these cracked ice Bowman cards. Don't know too much about Sobotka.. I just looked him up, he had a 7.31 ERA in A ball last year after not playing at all in 2014 his draft year. 

One team I definitely won't be watching are the Red Sox. This gold shimmer card is top notch.

Closing it out with another 3 of my favorites. Thanks for all the great cardboard Nick, I'll shoot something back your way ASAP.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Spring Swan Song - Ed Smith Stadium

Decided to hit one more Spring game before the boys head north for the Summer and brought my daughter along with me for Daddy/Daughter time. 

Don't let her stink face fool you she had a good time.  It was pouring down rain the whole way down until right before we got to the stadium the sun came out. 

She got her ball signed by 5 guys including Eddie Perez as shown here. 

Tyler Flowers also came over and signed for both of us.

We headed down to the bullpen to watch Matt Wisler warm up just before game time. Once he headed out to the mound I spotted Daniel Winkler and asked him if he could sign this card for me.

He did as well as my daughters ball, he signed for every kid waiting for him to leave the stadium as well later that night. He pitched a scoreless frame in relief, striking out the side in the eighth. 

Rain sucks but man does it make for some pretty sunsets after. 

We were already out way past get bedtime so I took my daughter down to where the players get on the buses for a few more autographs. I caught McDowell finally, almost asked him to inscribe it with "the other spitter" 

I've already gotten Wisler once this Spring but figured why not get a rookie card signed and I even gave a spare flagship rookie to a little kid that didn't have any to get signed. All told it was a great night at the ballpark and it even waited until we got in the car to begin pouring again.

Monday, March 28, 2016

One Card Outgoing Mail Post

UPDATE Bolts Win 

Beer was drunk

Stopped by the post office to drop off a bunch of trade packages. Heading out to watch the Lightning play Toronto at the local bowling alley for dollar beers. Here's a card for ya..


This card reminds me of this great Nike commercial. Thanks for stopping by if your zip code is listed below be on the lookout Thursday. 


Sunday, March 27, 2016

Junior Junkie Drops Some Needs

I was one of the last people to get a trade package from the Junior Junkie before he joined the Dad Club with me.

 I got these a day or 2 after he posted a picture of his new baby boy with a Griffey rookie minutes after entering the world on twitter. Congrats to you and your family on the new addition T.J.

All told he knocked 11 cards off my need list taking me down to only needing 10 all of which are incoming via trade.

Keeping it short as today's Easter, here's some more stuff uncovered from the GROCERY BAGS. Thanks for the cards T.J. and thank you fair reader for stopping by. 

Friday, March 25, 2016

Card Show Pickups

So I guess I'm addicted to flea markets as well just realized I've made 4 trips between the last 2 weekends. 2 of those were last weekend for the monthly Tampa Card Show. 

1987 Moeller High School Ken Griffey Jr.

Picked up a couple pre-rookie Griffins including this one of him still in High School. 

1988 San Bernardino Spirit Ken Griffey Jr. #34

While I don't actively collect Griffey cards I usually pick up cooler looking ones on the cheap. If any of you serious Griffey collectors need either one just let me know and I'm sure we can work something out. 

You need this one Tim? I didn't have any baseball cards of Wilson so I nabbed this one. 

There was a guy with a huge box of '15 Bowman Draft amongst other prospect type cards. Grabbed these 
shiny Braves in their old uniforms. There was a graphic during the rain shortened broadcast last night that since the end of the 2014 season they've made 25+ trades involving 80+ players....crazy Right to left I'd guess these guys start at AAA, AA & AAA with Blair being the next man up to the bigs.

So true...

Out of that same box for 4 bucks I couldn't leave this PC auto behind.

Glad to finally get a sky blue refractor of a Brave. Austin Riley is the next great hope at third base which has been a black hole since number 10 retired.

SI Chipper, yes please. Baby faced Freeman, hit me again.




Hey all those guys are enshrined there now. May just have to make a trip to visit their plaques when Chipper gets enshrined. 

Ok last 2, love finding these Finest cards with the film still intact though I'm always tempted to peel it 

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

World's Fastest Trade Package from Gavin

Sunday night I posted that I was over 90% done with 2016 Series 1 and several fellow bloggers stepped up saying they'd help. Gavin said he had 2 cards off my lists that "he'd throw on my stack"

Well less than 72 hours later this Schwarber showed up in my mailbox all the way from Portland. Thanks a bunch Gavin I was dreading having to track this one down on the secondary market. With yours and everyone else's help I went from 21 cards on my wantlist to 1. 

Gavin also helped me out with another set build with this gorgeous Whitey Ford from last year's Stadium Club offering. It was packaged with 2 other cards taking me down to 89 to go... 

At first when I saw this '77 Don Sutton I thought "sweet a new card for the PC!" 

Then I flipped it over.... O-PEE-CHEE! Awesome, thanks so much Gavin. This baby is clean too.

2 more for the Sutton PC. Perfect Spring Training shots in both, can't wait to hear Don calling the Braves on the radio verrrry soon.

Nice mix of vintage Bravos were included as well.

Man this thing just keeps getting better and better. New Chipper, Deion and Niekro!

Finally, I just posted a couple weeks ago that I had just got my first Leaf Signatures card of Eddie Perez. Well Gavin decided to double that collection by sending me this Jermaine Dye. Thanks a bunch for all the great cards man and the freaky fast delivery. I'll be sending you a return package before the end of this week.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Folty Is Back! - PC Mail Day

2015 Panini Elite 69/75

Mike Foltynewicz made his second Spring start today and looked really good by all accounts. I wasn't at the game nor was it televised but he had a solid line.

He didn't report early with the rest of the pitchers due to having to rehab from surgery. At the end of last season he had a blood clot in his shoulder and had to go for emergency surgery, having a rib removed in the process. I'm excited to see what Folty can do in his first full season this year. There's no radar gun at the Astros Spring stadium but according to the Braves radio guys his fastball looked sharp and he got a couple guys looking on the curve. 

Refractor /499 recent COMC order

For a guy that can hit 100 I think the lack of radar may have been good for him to get feel back for his pitches as he gets stretched out in anticipation to be the Braves 5th starter. They won't need one until April 12th so it looks like he should be ready by then. 

Well I've already written this much about the guy may as well make this the official 2016 Folty Hype Post. Here's the rest of my Folty autos. 

Here's his full career stats from 2016 Opening Day. 

Anyone your looking forward to seeing play for your club this year, or returning from injury? Thanks as always for reading my ramblings. 

Monday, March 21, 2016

Flea Market Round Up VII

Here's the rest of the cards from last weekends trip to Oldsmar Flea Market. I strolled upon a table full of Phillies stuff and signed 8x10s (the top one was Maddux as a Cub) when all of a sudden something caught my eye. 



Both were encased in this display case with a $20 price tag. I recognized Mathews auto right away and the man said he had gotten it TTM from Eddie himself when he was still alive. The Spahn I was less certain about but it seemed legit enough for me to plunk down 20 bucks for 2 deceased Braves Hall of Famers. They're still in that crummy case and I'm 

Remember the greatest dime box ever from last weekend, well that same guy had another pretty decent dime box...


Found these odd shaped hockey cards in there as well, about the size of a business card.

Here's the back. 

O-Pee-Chee Potvin.

Couldn't leave these Obaks behind for a dime a piece. Let me know if you need that Stanton Gavin.

Venditte coming at you from both sides. 

Finally here's a couple of cool reprints I nabbed. As always thanks for reading.