Thursday, March 17, 2016

Bubba's Bangin' Batch of Nachos Grande - A Trade Post

Happy St Patrick's Day, here's a card I fittingly got in the mail today. I won it with other cards to curb shipping cost angst. It will find it's way into a Reds collectors mailbox soon...

Getting to the point, Matt aka Bubba  from BBBOBB sent me a surprise bubble mailer full of Braves recently. I guess he's trimming the fat to make room for 2016 Allen & Ginter as I know he collects Braves too. I'll gladly take them!

I wonder if anyone actually ever plays Topps Attax. I remember seeing these on shelves at the time but I believe they've been replaced by Topps Chipz or some other wacky mispelled gimmicky product.

Speaking of gimmicky products, Matt also sent this pair of 1990 Topps Big cards. Again Topps is still up to these same tricks though under a different name and with larger cards that happen to be serial nuimbered. Things never change.

Thanks for all the great cards BUBBA!


Chris from Nachos Grande also sent me a loaded package last week knocking 16 cards off my 2015 Stadium Club want list.

Here's three of my favorites, great shot of the Rocket in the middle even if i'm not a fan of his. Another great photo showing the classic Les Expos uniforms and a guy I'm starting to collect, Lakeland boy Chris Sale and his wacky delivery.

I don't think i'd ever gotten one of these Topps Attax cards in a trade package before and boom 2 different packages containing them showed up last week, I needed that Maddux for my team set build, 

Thanks for the cards guys and thank you fair reader for stopping by. Happy St. Patrick's Day

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