Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Retail Fail 2016 Heritage

I promised myself I wouldn't buy any Heritage this year. I just sent my whole stack of 2015 Heritage to Jared a few weeks ago. I even ordered the Braves team set as part of a Just Commons order last week.

Damn you Target...

You sure you don't want to collect this whole set Night Owl? I pulled a bunch of guys like this, no Braves (as usual) and only 1 guy I kinda sorta collect (Drew Smyly) 

Grandal sure has a good looking signature but other than that all the pictures are the same.  Yes I know that's the point but I wish I got excited about Heritage it's the nicest card stock Topps uses all year.

4 team cards out of 20 seems a bit excessive, no?

Here's the subsets, if your building the set let me know. 

I think I'll stick to my cherry picking of cards online for now. This one was less than the Heritage rack pack and I didn't even have to leave my house to get it.  Not sure what to do with that "Topps" sticker though, I guess it can stay for now. 

Thanks for stopping by to read be complain about Heritage.

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  1. The cardboard temptation always wins, doesn't it?