Saturday, March 12, 2016

Trade Post: Tripling Up

There's no way around it, I've been slow to to get trade posts up lately. Part of that was I got like 10 packages in a 2 week span and in that same span I was trying to get 15 or so packages out to all of you (which I finally did Tuesday)

Anyways let's get to the cards, Jim from the dormant blog GCRL dropped a Deion bomb on me recently. This Upper Deck is a supersized card and is already on my wall with all it's oversized friends.

Here's the stack of Deions he sent over. I think this particular package put me over the 100 mark for Primetime, I need to do a count.

A couple of my favorites, that Stadium Club rainbow insert is crazy. 

Best Seat in the House, no lie Topps. This insert set needs to come back if only for that sweet stamp. 

More new Deions, that middle card is too cool. The guys got a toothpick in his mouth talking BP and you know he's rocking his hold chain. That Electric Blue CC on the rights not too shabby either. 

Not quite sure what's going on with this one, Deion appears to be busting out of a giant TV into Fulton County Stadium whilst ripping his Braves uniform off...?

Ok last one, thanks for all the great Deions Jim! 

This next batch of cards came over in a surprise mailing from Adam of Infield Fly Rule fame. He was one of the first few people I traded with when I started this blog so I always love seeing packages come from him. 

He hit me with some team set needs.. 

Smiling Smoltz.

Even threw in some early Stadium Club, I need to get a check/want list together for all the Braves Stadium Clubs as I'm close on a few years. 

Adam who must have X-Ray vision also sent me these "Braves on the Back" which will go backwards in the former Braves binder

Lastly Fuji who writes the eccentric blog The Chronicles of Fuji sent me a one card envelope. 

A Chrome Draft of Matt Withrow, his brother plays for the Braves and should compete for a bullpen spot this year. I honestly don't know much about Matt.

I'll send you some A's and Sharks soon Fuji,  thanks for all the great cards guys and thank you fair reader for stopping by.

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  1. Whoa, I never knew Sanders was on the Cowboys. That guy (well, the Braves as a whole) was the Rockies' nemesis. Pretty sure he hit the first inside-the-park home run at Mile High Stadium.