Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mailbag: PWE's from HSCA and Brandon

I had traded with Brian over at Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary before and even sent him a Twins '15 Archives hot pack the other day but didn't expect this PWE when I got home from the card show on Saturday - 

Had this Andruw auto in my Ebay watch lists for a while now, I'll have to pick up the Archives one from this year to accompany it now.

This scanned a little dark but Dave is sliding into a fire breathing dragon here.

Got this off to show what it looks like, I like these old Metal Universe cards.

A little thick cardboard matte old school action and a chromed out Leaf of number 10

2 A&G rookies I didn't have. One is on the DL with a wrist sprain and missed horribly in the heart of the Braves order. The other is tearing it up in St. Louis right now.

Some 90's Bowman I didn't have, a UD and Rudy Seanez

Love this old Topps Falcons cards, they don't make kicker cards anymore it seems, I need to track down some Matt Bryant cards.

Got this sweet GQ Mike Minor framed mini relic from reader Brandon who emailed me and we made a smooth easy trade for a Posey relic I had posted about a month or so ago.


  1. I laughed out loud when I saw that kicker card - the look on his face makes me think the football was made using his pet pig or something.

    1. He does look extremely sad, might have to start a depressed players mini collection.

      Do you collect Vikings cards?

    2. not anymore - I'm trying to stick to just baseball this time around, though I sometimes buy Barry Sanders cards for myself (he was my fav. football player growing up)

  2. Nice Minor relic! At some point in my life, I will try to put a "Vanderbilt collection" together of cards of guys who went there like Minor did.

    1. Thanks, yeah him Price, Gray is such a crazy rotation. Pedro Alvarez was on that team too.