Sunday, June 14, 2015

Blastin' Blasters: 2015 Archives

I won't bore you by complaining about the thin card stock  or everything else wrong with the newest card release, several more skilled/knowledgable bloggers have already covered that. Instead lets just look at the cards I pulled out of my blaster in digital scan format and enjoy the mostly excellent photography selections.

This Griffey is as good as you can get without showing his follow thru/swing.

2 of my PC guys, Chipper looks perturbed that Deion is displayed as a Red.

Nice mix of Hall of Famers, I don't have many cards of these guys so these are nice additions for me.

Bunch of aces and a young guy (Walker) with ace like stuff.

Giancarlo's mini picture - "Hey girl, I heard you like home runs well check out this scan!"

West coast outfielders - one MVP candidate, a injury magnet and a kid just plain MASHING 

Kevin Kiermaier is creeping me out here. This could go in Dimebox Nick's next horror movie post.

The hit of the box #'d /199, a grey, I mean silver Mookie Betts who hit a homer in the 1st inning Friday night then ran his face into a wall in the 2nd inning as seen here : Mookie mushes face

What the hell are you doing in my baseball card President Bush, I thought the Patriot Act left cardboard off the list. 

Well thanks for looking, keeping it short and sweet. Some of the cards I didn't scan will be making it into some of your mailboxes very soon.


  1. I'm liking the '57s more every time I see them.

  2. The circle picture on that Trout from Tempe Diablo is awesome.