Friday, June 26, 2015

More Stadium Club plus a new LCS

Picked up another rack pack of Stadium Club at Target yesterday because I have a problem:

I really like how the black & white cards look, I may not go for a whole set build but will probably at least try to get all the B&W cards in the set.

The great photos keep coming, I love "live ball" shots of either the ball out of the pitchers hand or off the hitter's bat like in this shot of Big Mac. Just got done watching Inning 11 of Ken Burns' Baseball and it was depressing watching McGwire's testament to Congress.

My first couple of Braves out of the way. Julio and Ron Gant

Miggy insert here. I have to say the rack packs are a better way to complete the base set since they only come with 1 insert to 11 base cards at least in my experience.

Went into a card shop over in Lakeland I had never been to before and a guy was opening packs of Stadium Club out of a hobby box, was chatting with him and he threw me this Freeman base card, he got six packs and pulled both autos out of the box a Chris Sale (Lakeland boy) and a Piazza /25

He grabbed a single pack of 2015 Prizm and gave me both these Freemans out of the pack, he pulled another auto - David Justice. Guy had the hot hand.

Being a little low on funds I was browsing singles/dollar bins and came up with this Max Fried auto from 2013 Bowman Inception for 5 bucks. Will definitely be going back to the store in the future though.

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  1. Always good to find a new card shop!

    I hope Ken Burns makes another inning, the most recent one was kind of depressing all around!