Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Mail from 2x3 and eBay

Got a PWE from Jeff over at 2 by 3 Heroes the other day, he had scoped my Archives needs list off a Sportscards from the Dollar Store comment and sent these and a few more over. I met Ozzie Smith at a Red Lobster once as a kid while wearing a Braves Taz shirt not long after the epic 1996 NLCS. Got his autograph on a cocktail napkin but lost it in a move...

This thing is like a piece of ice and weighs a ton, very cool of the rookie. Congrats to your Blackhawks see you next year.

A few more Lightning cards filled out this loaded PWE. 

Haven't found any packs of Pro Debut yet so I'm going the singles route, found this one of 2014 1st round pick Braxton Davidson for $4 shipped off the 'bay. 

Another eBay purchase, saw free shipping and no bids so I put 26 cents down and won, less than a stamp so I kinda felt bad but hey he's a PC guy for me so I needed it.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Chopped Up: The Final Chapter

I posted a week or so ago about a small flat rate box that Steve over at The Card Chop sent over, there was so much great stuff in the box I decided to split it up into 3 posts. Here is the final one covering the newer cards in the box, these really packed a punch:

Pretty sweet throwback swatch relic card of Freddie Freeman from last year's Opening Day set.

An awesome commemorative patch card of Justin Upton from 2013 Topps.

Another commemorative patch card this one from 2011 Series 1 of the old black tomahawk, super cool. I had seen these on the blogs before and wasn't impressed especially since they count as a box hit instead of an actual relic or autograph but these are super nice in hand.

Some serial numbered Heywards - The Marquee isn't numbered but the Topps is /2010 and the Bowman is /250! Looking at the 2010 Topps and Bowman side by side you can see it's the same AB in spring at least I think. Same catcher, same guy in blue wearing sunglasses in the background. I had never heard of Topps Marquee before this package showed up I guess it's like Museum Collection, Tribute and all the other high end Topps products it pops up and disappears from year to year.

Steve packed an assortment of Kimbrel in there. I miss this guy

Topps Lineage died I guess? I know i've seen a lot of collectors fawn over it and it seems like a solid set, bring it back Topps!

Almost every team has a former Braves player on it it seems, Charlie Morton started against us on Saturday in Pittsburgh. Teixeira is tearing it up this year now that he's finally healthy again and Derek Lowe as much as he was overpaid basically carried the 2010 Braves to the playoffs.

Another set Topps should bring back around - Turkey Red, I love these cards.

Where are they now? On the flip side maybe Pinnacle should've stayed dead, at least without a license these don't look too hot but hey I'll take a new Freeman any day of the week.

Thanks again for the package Steve, I am slowly working on a package for you.

Just when I though I was done sorting Braves cards into my collection John from Johnny's Trading Spot dropped this on my doorstep..

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Flea Market / Card Show Scores

Most of these are leftovers from the card show I went to last weekend but it was at the same flea market I went to today so we'll just bunch them together and call it even:


Pulled this out of a dime box, had never seen these photo negative style/acetate Leaf inserts before so I grabbed this one of the Hall of Famer.

Another clear/acetate 90's insert, this one from Skybox. Another Canadian team too.

Grabbed this Michael Tucker auto out of a dollar box, strangely serial numbered on the back.

Sticking to the 90's here's some Andruw cards I grabbed out of the dime boxes.

Gold, shiny... a little bit of everything.

I think the frequency of his wearing of high socks factored into my love of Andruw as a kid.

Some more from the dime box - I'll probably put that Maddux bobble head thing together eventually

Grabbed a couple of these Postseason Heroes inserts out of '13 Update, one foil one regular.

Didn't see Mr. Justice in there but he's still my hero forever!

Grabbed these inserts from '15 Series 1 at 5/$1

This one's from Series 2 is rather boring but had to grab it for the 2 legends.

Busted a couple blasters of Opening Day and didn't get any of these, now I have all 3 for 60 cents!

Insert mania! Heyward is finally BREAKING OUT but in St. Louis, having his best offensive year since 2012. Grilli was not FIRED UP about giving up the winning run in Pittsburgh on Friday night.

Rainbow foil Opening Day of Jonny Gomes, I try to add cards of guys on the roster as much as I can but haven't got too many of his or A.J. Pierzinski yet. I'm trying guys

Cakes was a questionable signing at the time but he's done nothing but hit .300 although not for much power as he sits on exactly zero homeruns on the year. 

Gotta love these National Chicle cards.

Picked up this auto of newly acquired reliever Chris Withrow out of the same dollar box - The Braves just drafted his brother earlier this month, I believe Chris is recovering from Tommy John so the Braves had to get him in the Juan Uribe/Alberto Callaspo trade. John Hart loves guys recovering from injury it seems.

Had to pick up this Duke Ellington '75 style card, I own most of his records so I had to pull the trigger at $5/1

These were the other 4 I got with the Duke, one of these is not like the others. Get out of there Kelly!

Closing this post out with a single football card as we inch closer and closer to football season, here in SEC country people are already talking about it so here's a nice Prizm of Julio to end this post.

Friday, June 26, 2015

More Stadium Club plus a new LCS

Picked up another rack pack of Stadium Club at Target yesterday because I have a problem:

I really like how the black & white cards look, I may not go for a whole set build but will probably at least try to get all the B&W cards in the set.

The great photos keep coming, I love "live ball" shots of either the ball out of the pitchers hand or off the hitter's bat like in this shot of Big Mac. Just got done watching Inning 11 of Ken Burns' Baseball and it was depressing watching McGwire's testament to Congress.

My first couple of Braves out of the way. Julio and Ron Gant

Miggy insert here. I have to say the rack packs are a better way to complete the base set since they only come with 1 insert to 11 base cards at least in my experience.

Went into a card shop over in Lakeland I had never been to before and a guy was opening packs of Stadium Club out of a hobby box, was chatting with him and he threw me this Freeman base card, he got six packs and pulled both autos out of the box a Chris Sale (Lakeland boy) and a Piazza /25

He grabbed a single pack of 2015 Prizm and gave me both these Freemans out of the pack, he pulled another auto - David Justice. Guy had the hot hand.

Being a little low on funds I was browsing singles/dollar bins and came up with this Max Fried auto from 2013 Bowman Inception for 5 bucks. Will definitely be going back to the store in the future though.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mailbag: PWE's from HSCA and Brandon

I had traded with Brian over at Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary before and even sent him a Twins '15 Archives hot pack the other day but didn't expect this PWE when I got home from the card show on Saturday - 

Had this Andruw auto in my Ebay watch lists for a while now, I'll have to pick up the Archives one from this year to accompany it now.

This scanned a little dark but Dave is sliding into a fire breathing dragon here.

Got this off TradingCardDB.com to show what it looks like, I like these old Metal Universe cards.

A little thick cardboard matte old school action and a chromed out Leaf of number 10

2 A&G rookies I didn't have. One is on the DL with a wrist sprain and missed horribly in the heart of the Braves order. The other is tearing it up in St. Louis right now.

Some 90's Bowman I didn't have, a UD and Rudy Seanez

Love this old Topps Falcons cards, they don't make kicker cards anymore it seems, I need to track down some Matt Bryant cards.

Got this sweet GQ Mike Minor framed mini relic from reader Brandon who emailed me and we made a smooth easy trade for a Posey relic I had posted about a month or so ago.