Monday, October 17, 2016

Flea Market Card Show

I went to my local flea market card show yesterday before the big Falcons-Seahawks game at 4:30 and got some pretty cool stuff since that game ended in such a fair and just way I'll just talk about the cards..

Guy had a whole table of cards for a dollar or 2 each and I snatched this IP a auto of the Hawk up faster than you could say PASS INTERFERENCE. Dude has maybe the prettiest signature in all of sports.

Picked up this Spaceman with a bunch of other cards for 5 bucks.

That's just a pretty card right there. 


One of these things is not like the others. 

A preview of Smoltz becoming one of the beSt announcers in baseball. He's killed the playoffs so far.

Freddie Freeman put up MVP numbers in 2016. Bo Porter got a promotion to the front office - High Five!

Mallex is my dude

Couldn't leave these autos behind for less than 4 bucks each

Nickel box goodies.