Saturday, May 14, 2016

LCS Pit Stop - Bowman plus... Football?

 Hit the LCS the other night hoping to find some packs of Bowman. Even better for me someone had busted a box earlier and left all the base behind!

Love these press conference shots. That's my first Heyward as a Cub. The others are for trade, I grabbed a bunch of others for y'all as well.

The guy was even nice enough to separate the Chromes Dansby is tearing up AA, Ozzie is at AAA and Yepez just debuted for Rome (A) the other day

Braves have the youngest pitching staff in the majors and all these guys plus more in the minors. Hopefully they start trading some soon...

Yes! Dug these last year, even pulled a couple but there were no Braves to chase. 

I went to buy the baseball cards and while the guy was figuring up the price I spotted this shiny Karl Joseph card for somebody that lives in West Virginia and realized it was a 2016 card. 

Didn't realize Score put out a set already. Picked up a couple Gators and Austin Hooper who got drafted by the Falcons. Hopefully he works out better than the last TE we got from there.

3 Julios! Really dig that Franchise insert and a great shot on that Toe the Line card.

There was also a box of 2016 Panini Contenders laying out. Snapped up all the Gators. 

I think these are the base cards? This set confuses me. Nice card stock though. Panini doing a good job with thier newly exclusive license.

Really like the font they used on School, very 70's man.

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Mark Hoyle Sends Vintage Goodness

I recently got an email from the most famous non-blogging reader around - Mark Hoyle. He said he had some Braves to send me and a trade was set up.

This was me reading the email as I knew a vintage onslaught was headed my way.

I was not wrong, Mark obviously checked my want lists and proceeded to cross card after card off my vintage team set needs. Say cheese Rowland!

This will definitely motivate me to update said lists.

Hey that's not a Heritage!

1979's all around

Pretty good combo here

Mr. Hoyle didn't just send vintage though as shown with the Grilli sticker above and this awesome Andruw rookie I didn't have.

He also sent a nice mix of vintage Falcons

Some Phil Espositos for my semi recent PC of him. He does color commentary for the Lightning radio broadcast and is hilarious at times. Between him and Don Sutton I feel pretty lucky on the radio calls I get to listen to on a regular basis.

Mark sent me an email asking if there were any vintage hockey cards I was looking for, well since my team debuted in 1992 there is no such thing so I told him I collect Atlanta Flames as well even though they stopped playing 8 years before I was born.

I'm glad I did too because I had never seen either of these sets before. Thanks for all the great cards Mark, I should have a return package out tomorrow.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Cards From Places - A Post

Today I will show off some cards from different places that got left out of other posts. 

Like this sealed Braves team set which ran me a quarter.

Camo Julio /399 also 25 cents 

PC guy Gronk and new Falcon Mohammed Sanu gold parallels both came out of the same quarter box.

These 2 are from the card show 2 weekends ago but didn't make that post. Here they are in all their die cut glory. 

Picked up this auto of the new Falcons linebacker Courtney Upshaw for 2 bucks at the flea market this weekend.

The following cards all came from a recent Sportlots order placed to keep myself from buying any more 2016 Heritage (I still haven't completed the team set). This base Freeman marks my first card from last year's '51 set.

I picked up all the Braves autos within a week or so of Bowman's Best release buthe just now got the only 2 base cards in the set. Shiny!

These gold parallels aka Golden honeycombs make me long for these... 

Which apparently they still make, I know what I'm doing for breakfast tomorrow...

Anyways let's wrap this one up with some prospect cards.

Thanks for reading as always. 

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Shoebox Legends - The Name Don't Lie

Shane and I have traded a few times now, here's the most recent packages highlights- 

Definitely "needed" this '58 Hanebrink for the team set and the fact it's a beauty of a card. Need to put some work in on my want lists etc. on the blog/card room but have been too busy trying to watch baseball and playoff hockey and some playoff basketball in between in my rare spare time lately.

Sweet purple cracked ice parallel of 2014 4th rounder Chad Sobotka. He's only pitched 37 innings since being drafted and is currently on the DL in A ball. He's only 22 though and he's 6' 7" so I think he'll stick around for a while.

Shane sent me a bunch of awesomely shiny cards, especially love the Murphy. LaRoche seems to be enjoying retirement or at least it seems that way from the article I read in ESPN Magazine while getting my oil changed the other day.

New to me Hometown Heroes of Steve Avery and another shiny gem with the Flair Passion of Glavine.

I'd never seen these Topps HD cards before these 2 fell out of the package. Pretty much the perfect card in my eyes - glossy, crisp photo on thicker card stock with minimalist design. I'm already on the hunt for more. 

Nice on card Heritage auto of former Braves prospect Jarrod Saltalamacchia. He was part of the Mark Teixeira trade way back when and has since won a World Series in Boston. He's had an up and down career, much like his 2016 - 

He hit .313/.405/.875 through April 20 and led the team in home runs, RBI and Fangraphs’ version of WAR during that stretch. 

Since then, Saltalamacchia has cooled off considerably, hitting .138/.194/.345 with one home run in his last 10 games. 

Another Heritage auto, this one of Mark Lamm who was drafted in the 6th round in 2011 out of Vanderbilt. He had a 2.93 ERA in 29 games for Mississippi last year but had since been released and is now pitching in the Independent League.

These 2 were probably my favorites of the whole package, especially the Spahn who missed his age 22-24 seasons serving in the Army. Thanks for all the great cards Shane I'll get something back to you soon.