Saturday, May 14, 2016

LCS Pit Stop - Bowman plus... Football?

 Hit the LCS the other night hoping to find some packs of Bowman. Even better for me someone had busted a box earlier and left all the base behind!

Love these press conference shots. That's my first Heyward as a Cub. The others are for trade, I grabbed a bunch of others for y'all as well.

The guy was even nice enough to separate the Chromes Dansby is tearing up AA, Ozzie is at AAA and Yepez just debuted for Rome (A) the other day

Braves have the youngest pitching staff in the majors and all these guys plus more in the minors. Hopefully they start trading some soon...

Yes! Dug these last year, even pulled a couple but there were no Braves to chase. 

I went to buy the baseball cards and while the guy was figuring up the price I spotted this shiny Karl Joseph card for somebody that lives in West Virginia and realized it was a 2016 card. 

Didn't realize Score put out a set already. Picked up a couple Gators and Austin Hooper who got drafted by the Falcons. Hopefully he works out better than the last TE we got from there.

3 Julios! Really dig that Franchise insert and a great shot on that Toe the Line card.

There was also a box of 2016 Panini Contenders laying out. Snapped up all the Gators. 

I think these are the base cards? This set confuses me. Nice card stock though. Panini doing a good job with thier newly exclusive license.

Really like the font they used on School, very 70's man.

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  1. I'll never understand people that pay good money for a box and just abandon everything that isn't a hit. Looks like it worked out pretty well for you though!

  2. ^^^ What he said. I've never actually seen someone leave the base behind after a box break firsthand, but, sadly, it's not hard for me to imagine people doing it. Glad you gave some of those orphaned base cards a good home!

    And, yes, Topps definitely needs more press conference shots.

  3. I think the Score set is too early as it doesn't reflect the Draft. But I guess that is what Panini has to do with their new card contract.

    1. I kinda like the college player base cards but I know what you mean.