Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Another PWE from Brian

Me and Brian from Highly Subjective & Completely Arbitrary have been sending envelopes back and forth for a little while and the other day another one showed up.

Here's what was inside, this Chrome-fractor '14 Freeman makes a great addition to my rainbow. 

Another refractor of McCann, a Lemmer and the big cat.  I love that card in the middle but it's at home 300 miles away so I can't tell you what it is...

Another new Freeman and 2 new Chippers, I just went over 100 different Chipper cards the other day. Nine year old would be proud.  Thanks again Brian, I'm going to a show next weekend and will fill out another envelope to send your way.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New LCS - Scott's Sports Cards

Like I said in my previous post I've been working down south which sucks being away from my family and my cards. Luckily I found a LCS not too far from my hotel called Scott's Sports Cards. Went in not expecting much because all the card stores near me aren't too great but was pleasantly suprised when I walked in and there were better than 20,000 quarter cards, boxes and boxes of relics, refractors and autos and of course hobby boxes of all sorts. 

After I picked out my nice stack (detailed below) of about 80 quarter cards the owner Scott told me 10 bucks and I asked him if he'd opened any more Finest and he pointed me to a box in the back I'd missed and told me to grab whatever I wanted out of it. 

As you probably guessed it was full of Stadium Club as well. Love both these shots, glad Huddy got a title to go with his 200+ wins and of course Stargell should be in color but still a great shot.

YES! Been wanting these since they came out and glad to scoop them.

The "quarter" boxes were good enough for me as the owner sold an insane amount of autographs to another dealer behind me. Stuffed with newer cards and Hall Of Famers I was able to scoop these two 2015 draft picks, my first card of both. I've heard great things about Minter and I am a sucker for lefties so I will be tracking him throughout his development. Herbert was our first round pick, Kolby Allard's high school catcher.

As I said the boxes were stuffed with Hall of Famers too and I picked up these and a few other Chippers. Stadium Club has been awesome for a long time.

My first '13 Safari parallel this one of A.J. 
I hope he doesn't get traded as I really enjoy watching him play.

The untouchables.

Love these framed Diamond King cards from this years set, had to pick up a few Spahn's

This Diamond King set has an old school feel to it, and the Aficianado card looks killer. Glad I went looking for this exact Finest card as it led me to all those awesome Stadium Club cards.

I'll always take Bowman top 100 cards of prospects. Former prospect Julio Teheran has been rumored in trade talks but I hope he stays as we would be selling low on a good young pitcher. Withrow and Fried fit into the "injured elite pitchers" group the Braves have accumulated recently. One - Manny Banuelos went on the DL today with "elbow inflamation" Yikes.

Another '15 Finest, this one incredibly despressing. A framed GQ and some awesome Obak cards.

Grabbed these and a few others of PC guy and Braves Radio annoucer the great Don Sutton. I will trade for Don's cards, trying to grow one of my more recent PCs.

Random awesomeness, that minor league Deion is a new favorite along with the SC Maddux stealing second. My first Loaves of the Order card of Hank in there as well

This purchase has sent me into Falcons mania as we draw closer and closer to football season, I'm hoping for big things from Freeman this year.

Closing it out with the closer, Matty Ice. Hopefully the new defense will allow him to do his thing this year. GO DIRTY BIRDS!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Johnny on the spot - Medium Priority box to my door.

I've been working out of town alot this month and have thus been away from my cards. I went home for a long weekend though and got some pictures/scans to blog about while I'm back for the rest of the month. I'll start with a much overdue trade post from Johnny's Trading Spot, I saw he was missing the base Foltynewicz card from this years Gypsy Queen and since I have like 5 copies I told him I'd send it over. We exchanged details and he said he "had some cards for me", so not expecting much I packed the Folty plus a few other newer Braves in a PWE and went about my business as usual. That is until this brick landed on my doorstep.

Was working in my office back home when I saw the mailman walking up to my door with this medium flat rate box. "Did the wife order shoes online?" I thought.

But inside were 2 small flat rate boxes stuffed with Braves and Falcons, plus 2 660 count set builders. The thing weighed a ton. SO many cards to go thru is why it's taken me a while to post about it.

Here's the stack of newer cards  I pulled out of the nicely newspaper wrapped packages. I needed this Chrome Draft card for my Wood PC.

Here they are seperated by set/year, most more than a few cards and this is my first Arodys Vizcaino card with him as a Brave, he looks to be the closer if they trade Jim Johnson. Also the only 2 cards I have of Alec Grosser who is quietly creeping up the prospect rankings.

Some more Topps base cards in chrome and standard format and a few 90's Bowmans

Bowman went on a all black streak for a while it seems.

Then switched to the non disgtuinshable white for a few years. I like this year design probably just because it's not the exact same as the last 5 years.

Another huge stack of 80's-90's Braves. 

Here's all the Topps cards. 
 These are all stacks except the game cards. 

Some Donruss, most of which I was missing

Some Score and Fleer stacks

Soooo many Braves added to my collection most of which I needed. This isn't even half,  i'll post again later in the week to cover the Upper Deck,  Falcons and more. Thanks again Johnny hopefully I'll be able to catch you at the next card show! Going to one in Ft Lauderdale on the 7th!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Obligatory Ginter Post

Been into Target the last few days and struck out so I headed to the LCS down here in Ft Lauderdale to see if they had packs. 

Only boxes and I avoid those but he had busted a few and had a box 'o singles.  Of course I grabbed the team set with a few extras for PCs even.

3 minis as well, why the hell is Kimbrel a Brave in this set he's been in San Diego since March but he's a PC guy so score!

Also picked up the baseball writers (who cares about anybody else from ESPN) The Rocky cards, a Kimbrel insert and a Souza Jr. on the Rays.

Grabbed over half the Menagerie of the Mind set and the only Ancient Armory card that matters - the tomahawk. 

2 more inserts

Some more minis to close, I got another 100 or so baseball/football singles all for the price of a blaster and got most of the Ginter cards I wanted.  I'll probably end up buying some retail when I see it but this scratched the itch for now. Sorry for the crappy cell phone pics I've been working out of a town for a couple weeks now.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

A PWE from Bubba plus a contest pimp

Matt over at Bubba's Bangin' Batch of Baseball Bits sent me a evelope full of Allen and Ginter while I was away. I recognized Dexter Fowler on one of his Bowman posts and joked "what do I win?". Well Matt remembered I said I liked the Ascent Of Man insert set and sent over pretty much the whole thing:

With this and the cards he sent me before i'm only missing cards 3, 8, 12, 15, 22 & 23 

I can't wait til next week to rip some Ginter but Matt is also holding a contest over at his blog -

He's ripping a case (lucky) and holding a bunch of contests so check those out, good luck!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Cards From Across the Border

Made my first trade with Douglas over at Sportscards From The Dollar for some cards off his Archives want list

In return he sent me some Archives I was looking for. Freddie Freeman your our only hope.

I don't have too many Ty Cobb cards and this one's a great shot. Frank Thomas looks huge in this photo another Georgia Peach. This was my first card of Jason Heyward in Cardinal red. Shelby's working out well in that trade I suppose...

Doug said he was sending some bonus cards, these white frames GQs are awesome, I love these framed parallels. Simmons looks like he needs the All Star break and hopefully we'll get our #3 hitter back not too long after that.

He also said he'd throw some Lightning cards in the package as well and did he ever. This super thick serial numbered Stamkos from Panini Prime looks like it was made to be autographed in gold ink, may have to give it a shot as they practice right down the street from my house.

This die cut looks awesome scanned, sometimes my scanner kills cards but this one really pops in digital form.

More Stammer, hopefully Stevie Y can lock him up for the future. I always liked Teddy Purcell who's now in Edmonton still being the same solid player.

A couple Bish cards for the collection here, it will be interesting to see what the Lightning do with Bishop's contract expiring after next year and Andrei Vasilevsky (20 y/o) waiting in the wings.

....of Tampa Bay goaltenders.

Unfortunately I don't have any of Andrei's cards to show here but I do have this awesome relic of the departed Brett Connolly Doug sent over.

These weren't even all the Bolts cards he packed in the mailer! Thanks for the memories and the lopsided trade you demanded to New York Marty, we've got Cally (and a Cup) thanks to you.

Another National Hockey Card Day card from a trade, the Pinnacle is in French as well and boy am I tempted to peel that Dino.

Doug didn't stop there though he made sure to hit all 3 teams I collect and sent over these 2 from '15 Score, I've bought two of the $5 50 packs from Target and gotten zero Falcons so these were much needed. If anybody I trade with collects football as well I have some cards for you I just sorted all my old football cards by team.

Thanks again for all the cards Doug, I will be getting something together for you when I get back from purgatory aka Fort Lauderdale.