Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New LCS - Scott's Sports Cards

Like I said in my previous post I've been working down south which sucks being away from my family and my cards. Luckily I found a LCS not too far from my hotel called Scott's Sports Cards. Went in not expecting much because all the card stores near me aren't too great but was pleasantly suprised when I walked in and there were better than 20,000 quarter cards, boxes and boxes of relics, refractors and autos and of course hobby boxes of all sorts. 

After I picked out my nice stack (detailed below) of about 80 quarter cards the owner Scott told me 10 bucks and I asked him if he'd opened any more Finest and he pointed me to a box in the back I'd missed and told me to grab whatever I wanted out of it. 

As you probably guessed it was full of Stadium Club as well. Love both these shots, glad Huddy got a title to go with his 200+ wins and of course Stargell should be in color but still a great shot.

YES! Been wanting these since they came out and glad to scoop them.

The "quarter" boxes were good enough for me as the owner sold an insane amount of autographs to another dealer behind me. Stuffed with newer cards and Hall Of Famers I was able to scoop these two 2015 draft picks, my first card of both. I've heard great things about Minter and I am a sucker for lefties so I will be tracking him throughout his development. Herbert was our first round pick, Kolby Allard's high school catcher.

As I said the boxes were stuffed with Hall of Famers too and I picked up these and a few other Chippers. Stadium Club has been awesome for a long time.

My first '13 Safari parallel this one of A.J. 
I hope he doesn't get traded as I really enjoy watching him play.

The untouchables.

Love these framed Diamond King cards from this years set, had to pick up a few Spahn's

This Diamond King set has an old school feel to it, and the Aficianado card looks killer. Glad I went looking for this exact Finest card as it led me to all those awesome Stadium Club cards.

I'll always take Bowman top 100 cards of prospects. Former prospect Julio Teheran has been rumored in trade talks but I hope he stays as we would be selling low on a good young pitcher. Withrow and Fried fit into the "injured elite pitchers" group the Braves have accumulated recently. One - Manny Banuelos went on the DL today with "elbow inflamation" Yikes.

Another '15 Finest, this one incredibly despressing. A framed GQ and some awesome Obak cards.

Grabbed these and a few others of PC guy and Braves Radio annoucer the great Don Sutton. I will trade for Don's cards, trying to grow one of my more recent PCs.

Random awesomeness, that minor league Deion is a new favorite along with the SC Maddux stealing second. My first Loaves of the Order card of Hank in there as well

This purchase has sent me into Falcons mania as we draw closer and closer to football season, I'm hoping for big things from Freeman this year.

Closing it out with the closer, Matty Ice. Hopefully the new defense will allow him to do his thing this year. GO DIRTY BIRDS!


  1. That Greg Maddux sliding into second is by far my favorite of this bunch. Also, did this guy really have rando singles of Topps High Tek in a quarter box??? That set seems incredibly hard to complete.

    1. Yup HiTeks, Museum Collection, Triple Threads. Aren't there multiple parallels?

  2. I thought it was funny that the Mets even asked about Simmons. Realistically it would have cost two of the prized pitchers plus other stuff.

    1. Mets are always good for a laugh. Gonna be fun to see how they blow getting into the playoffs this year.