Sunday, July 26, 2015

Johnny on the spot - Medium Priority box to my door.

I've been working out of town alot this month and have thus been away from my cards. I went home for a long weekend though and got some pictures/scans to blog about while I'm back for the rest of the month. I'll start with a much overdue trade post from Johnny's Trading Spot, I saw he was missing the base Foltynewicz card from this years Gypsy Queen and since I have like 5 copies I told him I'd send it over. We exchanged details and he said he "had some cards for me", so not expecting much I packed the Folty plus a few other newer Braves in a PWE and went about my business as usual. That is until this brick landed on my doorstep.

Was working in my office back home when I saw the mailman walking up to my door with this medium flat rate box. "Did the wife order shoes online?" I thought.

But inside were 2 small flat rate boxes stuffed with Braves and Falcons, plus 2 660 count set builders. The thing weighed a ton. SO many cards to go thru is why it's taken me a while to post about it.

Here's the stack of newer cards  I pulled out of the nicely newspaper wrapped packages. I needed this Chrome Draft card for my Wood PC.

Here they are seperated by set/year, most more than a few cards and this is my first Arodys Vizcaino card with him as a Brave, he looks to be the closer if they trade Jim Johnson. Also the only 2 cards I have of Alec Grosser who is quietly creeping up the prospect rankings.

Some more Topps base cards in chrome and standard format and a few 90's Bowmans

Bowman went on a all black streak for a while it seems.

Then switched to the non disgtuinshable white for a few years. I like this year design probably just because it's not the exact same as the last 5 years.

Another huge stack of 80's-90's Braves. 

Here's all the Topps cards. 
 These are all stacks except the game cards. 

Some Donruss, most of which I was missing

Some Score and Fleer stacks

Soooo many Braves added to my collection most of which I needed. This isn't even half,  i'll post again later in the week to cover the Upper Deck,  Falcons and more. Thanks again Johnny hopefully I'll be able to catch you at the next card show! Going to one in Ft Lauderdale on the 7th!


  1. Wow! Bet that was a fun sort. Congrats on all the new additions.

  2. John always puts together monster trade packages. From the looks of it, he certainly hasn't lost his touch here.

  3. "Some" usually means hundreds when it comes to Johnny - great, generous trader!