Sunday, February 19, 2017

Spring Training 2017 - IT'S HERE!!!

Headed up to Disney Saturday to catch the Braves first full squad workout. There's not much scouting to do during batting practice, group stretching and infield/outfield drills at less than full speed but I'll recap what I saw while there.

Showed up early and caught some guys including top prospect Dansby Swanson taking hacks in  the batting cages just beyond right center field. You always hear all the "best shape of my life" quotes out of Spring Training but some guys were notably in better shape including Dansby who looks as though he put on a little more muscle over the offseason. That could be that I hadn't seen him up close since last Spring Training but Rio Ruiz was another guy who definitely was in tip top shape and appears ready to show the club that he's ready for the show full time as a potential platoon partner with Adonis Garcia at the hot corner.

Big River!

My wife brought her newer camera and took about 200 photos which was awesome. I posted a bunch more over on my twitter account if your interested @ProspectsBraves

Chase d'Arnaud is great with the fans, baseball needs more guys like him. My son loved it and even made it on the Braves Facebook page. Pretty cool

Dansby contemplating if he's going to sign my card or not 

He did, and my daughter's ball too. He skipped a ton of the professional autograph seeker types with pro-printed photos and bats and such and signed just for the kids. Even played a bit of peek-a-boo with my son.

New starting pitcher Jaime Garcia with his impeccable beard.

2016 Braves MILB Player of the year Dustin Peterson.

New 3rd base coach Ron Washington and prospect Travis Demeritte

The full squad

#2 Braves Prospect and consensus Top 15 Prospect in the game Ozzie Albies who wasn't throwing as he's still recovering from a broken elbow in the Southern League playoffs last year.

Freddie Freeman and Matt Kemp don't just hit back to back in the lineup (they combined for 69 homeruns last season) they seem to be good friends as well.

My daughter got this ball signed by Braves President and former GM John Schuerholz, that makes back to back Spring Trainings with a ball signed by a Hall of Famer!


AJ Minter aka the Terminator

Max Fried

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

2017 Topps - Thank God for baseball

Thank God for baseball is all I have to say about any other sport right now.

I'm a week late but I've bought about 9 packs of the newest release at various Targets so far. These were the best photos in my humble opinion. I'm not crazy about the design but I don't hate it either. My favorite aspect of it is the lack of chrome and the continued trend of no borders which I love.

In one of the first packs I pulled this card and notice that that's Logan Morrison not Corey Dickerson... Wow.

I'm cheap, I hate buying packs to be honest and this is why - I bought 8 packs before today and this was the first Braves card I pulled - in my 9th pack! It's not even a real card, it's some sort of advertisment for Topps Now, Bunt etc. 

Finally! This was the first Braves player I pulled $18 later and probably my least favorite player in the set but alas that's retail crack for you.

Here's all the inserts I pulled - I like the clean look of the Memorial Day cards - If your team is in this I'm making it a goal to send out trade packages to several of you, I haven't forgotten just been in the card room much less lately. I have a huge box full of stuff I've been acquiring for most of you who I trade regularly with.

Some decent rookies at least, no Dansby though guess I'll have to head over to Sportlots right... now!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Flea Market Card Show Time

Third weekend of the month - card show at the flea market about 20 minutes from my house. Hardly ever miss it and it was about 70 degrees driving up there to North Tampa.

One of the guys there had a bunch of 8/$1.00 boxes and 4/1, I don't remember which were which but I got a bunch of shiny/parallels/newer inserts for cheap. This R.A. Dickey was from the 1996 Olympics and he's now a Brave so I had to grab it. Funny he pitched in Atlanta in the Olympics and Bartolo Colon had his debut in Turner Field.

What can I say I love prospects? Top 100 cards are some of my favorites, I'm excited to see what a change of scenery can do for Alex Jackson he still has so much potential at only 21.

Not a bad start to a rainbow of Travis Demeritte another power bat the Braves acquired for $200,000.00 or Lucas Harrell and Dario Alvarez. Thanks Rangers.

Big ole red patch beats plain old white patch, these Immaculate cards are super thick and nice so I couldn't turn this one down for a five spot.

Mini shimmers, hard to get a picture of these. Two guys I'm gonna be keeping a close eye on this year. 

Saw these came out at the National this year and didn't expect to find one for a single Washington so soon but here we are. 

Back to the cheap ones, here's 3 2015 Bowman Draft Sky Blue refractors for a quarter each.

If you know me you know I'm a cheap ass and avoid buying retail at all costs so I was ecstatic to bring home these 4 yellow retail parallels for a single dollar. 

Braves scooped up these 3 relievers who are close to MLB ready on the cheap in an offseason where relievers like Mike Dunn are getting 30 million. 

I don't even know if I like High Tek but they're shiny and acetate so I buy anyone i find featuring a Brave for cheap.

I really like the Dickey/Colon signings and am looking forward to seeing my Braves push for .500 this year.

Christmas/winter parallels are

Bowman Draft via, a cheapskates dream.

If you've ever wondered why I blog less now it's not because I am watching less baseball or buying fewer cards. I'm still as fanatical as ever but in April I innocently started a "Braves Prospects" twitter to log my following of the minor leagues. Before I knew it I had 3,000+ followers and was getting asked to write for the Braves SB Nation website Talking Chop. 

I've put out a couple stories over there on the minor leagues and helped write the Top 25 Prospects article we just put out. If you'd like to follow me over there my twitter handle is @prospectsbraves 

Sunday, December 18, 2016

I bought a box

Not anything crazy, i'm not going off the rails yet. I'm no box buster but for 20 bucks at the card show last month I couldn't pass it up. I hadn't been able to track any of this stuff down yet at my regular stops so this was a good way to get the Braves in the set and maybe some cool trade bait.

I ended up getting the whole set plus 20 or 30 dupes so the collation was solid, good job Topps!

Throwbacks, need these Jedi Jeff?

These are pretty cool, Lucroy would look better in a Braves uniform and Sale will be in a Boston uni next season. White Sox going full bore on the rebuild.

He Who Must Not Be Names makes an appearance for the Braves here. That Seager kid is pretty good.

I took this photo and left it out over night, the next day at work my wife called to let me know my son had scribbled all over one card and one card only - Chipper Jones, All is well the guy I bought it from plopped a fresh one in a sleeve down as soon as I walked up to his booth today. Good guy and the only true Marlins fan I know,

The "hits", 2 serial numbered hall of famers. Let me know if you want them.

Picked up some Dirty Birds while there as well including this beauty for 2 bucks!

Deion Jones looking like the rookie of the year. Campbell has been getting better and better but got hurt today.

This guy made a hell of a catch in the end zone today as my Falcons blew out SanFran 41-13

Run Free for 3 touchdowns young man.

Defensive Player of the Year? 14.5 sacks, 6 forced fumbles including a strip and score.

Glad I grabbed these cheap when I did!