Wednesday, March 1, 2017

New? New to me anyways

Heritage came out today but I haven't found any yet. I'm usually a little behind on newer releases anyway. For example..

This is my first Topps Laser card I can't find it on ebay and they have a 1:400+ pull rate so for 2 bucks this is a nice addition to my FF5 PC.

Love the clean look on the inside. I'll have to check but I think this is my first booklet card. 

Hobby continuation card? Guess these came in silver packs that cheap non box busting collectors like myself never get to open buy its still the same card right?

2 more products I'll never open. My very first Gold Label card and my 2nd or 3rd 2016 Triple Threads which is super thick. 

Glad I've been able to pick up the Dansby rookies in the wild instead of on the net. Much cheaper that way. 

Finally tracked one of these down. I guess this year's EEE cards are all serial numbered. Ridiculous, hope to get this one signed soon.

Ooh shiny

Hopefully this guy's elbow heals up fully soon

I wouldn't mind this comp panning out, love Bogaerts game. Red Sox are stacked. 

One of my favorite Braves farm hands. Anyone know what these black gold refractors are called?

A common theme of the Braves rebuild is buying low on former 1st round picks.

Never seen this set before but was glad to pick up these 3 on the cheap. 

90's Stadium Club insert of Chipper. Yes please. 

Old gold refractor with awesome throw back socks.


That purple blue Sutton is /250. Can never pass up critter Ginter minis

2 dollar autos.  Stadium Club ftw

1st Bowman 2 bucks!?

Hey man this guy has like power man

I got all of these plus some not shown for $30. STEAL


Another recent waiver wire pickup with pop in the bat. Read he's a solid first baseman as well.

My first ever batch of Asia black refractors. I feel like Zippy Zippy. THanks for reading!

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  1. Youth Impact - love that design, colorful! nice adds all around.