Sunday, March 19, 2017

Spring Training Overload

I've been to alot of games this Spring, 3 Braves big league games, a Rays game, a Braves minor league spring training game yesterday and the first workout. I think I've been to a ballpark every weekend since ST started.

I got this card signed by Willy Adames at the Rays game I went to down in BFE, I mean Port Charlotte. Nice kid who seemed surprised me and a buddy recognized him without his jersey.

Ran into former Brave Mallex Smith at the Rays game as well, super nice guy. Wish him the best of luck in Tampa this year, I might actually go to some of their games this year to see him play.

Here's a photo from the Braves / Phillies game in Clearwater a couple weeks ago.

Got recent pickup Adam Brett Walker to sign this card. Doubt he makes the team but he's shown off his plus power in ST so far. Big kid

My daughter actually got this one signed for me, Demeritte was in big league camp until recently but was reassigned to Mississippi. An excellent glove with plus power but just strikes out too much for now to make an impact with the big club. 

I've been in South Florida for work 3 of the past 4 weeks, the only good part is the card shop down there. This Muller parallel is one of a stack of cards I've picked up there in my 4 or 5 trips over there.

Shiny Chipper rookie reprint? OK

I caught Biddle's only inning of work at Big League ST in Clearwater as a Brave against his hometown team and the team that drafted him in the first round all the way back in 2010. He was making his first appearance since Tommy John and was hitting 94 with a solid breaking ball working for him.

I've seen Kemp a couple times this Spring and he looks more like the rookie card on the left than the Fatt Kemp of the last couple years. Hopefully he and Freeman can keep up what they had going on at the end of last year and the Braves can surprise some people this season.

2 Top Prospects from Georgia.

Always love thick cards like these especially when I can grab them out of a quarter box. Freeman will be in the MVP race again this year. 

Pretty excited the Braves brought back old favorite Kris Medlen on a minor league deal, he's recovering from injury and I don't think he's pitched yet but that's enough for me to pick up some of his cards again.

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  1. WAIT REALLY?!?!?! Medlen got a minor league deal?!??! When did that happen? That's awesome!