Monday, August 28, 2017

Flea Market Card Show

Went to my monthly flea market card show last weekend and got stuck in one vendor's boxes.

He had a bunch of 2017 Stadium Club for 5/$1. I loaded up as I'm building the set. Some great photos in this set.

Also grabbed a few 2016 Stadium Club out of a 8 for 1 box. 

Sepia love. If you need any of these let me know as they are all dupes in my set.

This black foil Tim Raines is probably my favorite out of the entire bunch. Great shot of old Olympic Stadium.

I'll add these into my set build unless someone needs them.

Something great about dugout shots.

If you know me you know I'm glad to see Dansby smashing since his return from AAA. Kolby Allard is having a hell of a year at Double A.

Maitan is starting to come around at Danville and Ozzie Albies is raking lately at 20 in the big leagues.

This one set me back a whole buck.

Missed these last year. The phoenix design is super 90's

Stoked on this kid, my first card of his. He's looked great in limited time in preseason. FINE ME LATER!

First 2017 Football cards, you know I'm riding with my Falcons, got Julio at 7 in my first fantasy draft yesterday so I was stoked on that. 


  1. Stadium Club rarely disappoints!

  2. He's back?!?!??! Glad you're still into cardboard! :D

  3. Nice finds! My flea market has had a card show on a couple of occasions in its long run, and they've been terrific each time. I can also use any/all of those SC Sepia parallels you'd be willing to part with.

    1. Ok I'll send one or two your way. Got some other stuff to send you any way