Monday, August 31, 2015

2015 Topps Chrome retail - Buyer's Remorse Pt. 965

I keep telling myself "No more retail, it doesn't even come with gum" but time and time again I find myself standing in the card aisle at Target like an addict staring at all the shiny packs of cards. 

It happened again this time the allure of a new baseball set on the shelves couldn't keep me away and I bought a $10 rack pack with 14 whole cards in it.... YAY!

This golden Encarnacion was the nicest card to fall out of my overpriced rack pack #'d 31/50

These pink parallels are awesome looking, not gonna lie I sold the 3rd one to recoup some of my money spent as I had instant buyer's remorse.

Most of that had to do with me pulling exactly zero Braves or even guys I like really. 

So if you see anything you like let me know and it's all yours. Save these beautifully shiny cards from oblivion aka my trade box and if you have any Braves i'll trade you for them.

Old Cards that never got Posted - Football

Excuse me while I clean out my scans folder. Love these mini black & white throwback minis from this years Bowman set. I haven't bought any retail of it yet due to the high price tag but will probably end up doing so upon purchasing my first rack pack of '15 Topps today and beholding the truly hideous design they used for flagship this year.

Here's some black parallels of the base Bowman rookie design.

The veteran design is equally clunky and could do without the weird clamp looking things in the middle of the card I think.

Moving on to a company that actually designs visually appealing football cards here's a trio of School Colors inserts I picked up from '15 Panini Contenders.

A couple RCs of second year back Devonta Freeman. Hope he lives up to his potential this year.

Here's a grouping of completely random yet shiny cards of guys I collect. Poor Dante...

Who doesn't love Gronk? If you don't you must not like fun or good times or partying. I hate the Patriots as much as the next guy but have started collecting Gronk as a PC recently.

If I buy football cards there's usually a couple Matty Ices in the mix. Getting close to 100 cards of his now and I just started buying football again.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Random dimes from South Florida

I haven't made a proper post in almost a month. As I've stated before I was working down in South Florida for the better part of the past 2 months and frequented the LCS there Scott's Sports Cards in Tamarac. He has thousands of "quarter box" cards that I think I went thru twice between my off days. These are my finds.

"Pure Virgin Vinyl"!!!!!!

I'm no Griffey collector but I can't leave a unique Junior behind in a dime box, this is my first O-Pee-Chee of the Kid. Also snagged these 2 Mother's Cookies of father and son.

Love this insert set, missed out on it the first time but was able to snag these plus some others.

Camo foil parallels out of a quarter box? Yes Please.

Random reprint greatness here, love the shot of the Mick and his dog. Always wanted a real copy of this Big Train but this'll do til my budget expands a few hundred times.

I don't exactly collect the Wizard but again can't turn down great cards of his for the cheap.

This '73 McCovey was lonely vintage in this box so I snagged him up.

Couple of Vandy Grads I sort of collect again but I love the cards with guys in college/high school/USA uniforms. Note that Price was drafted by Tampa Bay ( NL)

Random A&G wonders found in the box. The Troll I needed as i'm collecting that subset, the other 2 are up for trade even though they're great looking cards.

Closing this one out with a couple of '86 Fleer Stickers, I don't necessarily collect basketball anymore but i'll peak at random vintage from time to time and these were to cool to leave laying on the counter.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Outgoing mail alert / New Guys

If you live in one of these zip codes there's a PWE heading your way.  Mostly all from my trip to South Florida *thank god it's over

Picked up this Folty while there. I have been buying tons of his and other new players on the Braves in thier old uniforms. They've made about 20 trades this year so it's the only way to get cards of most of them. Do you guys do this as well or just stick to your teams/sets? Just interested to see who else has to have cards of guys on thier team. 

Plus minor league cards are awesome,  more to come tomorrow as I'm back home with my scanner for a while. 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

2015 NFL Contenders - Retail vs. LCS

Was at Target the other day and couldn't resist the card section.  Picked up a 40 card rack pack of the newest NFL cards they had - 2015 Prestige.

Here's the inserts,  you get four green parallels in each pack. The Green-Beckham was the only other insert I pulled.

Excuse my crappy cell phone pics,  pretty good looking base card. Shady and Percy are photoshopped into their new uniforms well.

A miracle I actually got one, nay TWO Falcons out of a retail pack this year. I opened 3 of those 50 card Score rack packs and got zero Falcons 0/150.

Luckily I was able to swing by the card shop down here when we got rained out of work on Saturday for 20 minutes and he had just busted a few boxes. 

Grabbed all these plus some more new cards he had up on the counter for $3. LCS wins again retail. 

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Lack of posts Post

I have not fallen off the face of the earth... I am simply stuck working in Ft. Lauderdale for almost 2 weeks.

That hasn't stopped me from buying cards though as there's a great LCS near my hotel and I've gone a little crazy and will have plenty to post about when I get home to my scanner. One of those stacks is all for my trade partners so if we've traded before expect a package soon. Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Braves @ Rays - 8/11/2015 IP AUTO

I went to the Braves game in Tampa St. Petersburg tonight and all I got was this stinking card!

Showed up a little before 5:30 as that's the time on the Rays website that the Braves would be taking BP and walked up to a line to get in the stadium. I guess the Rays don't care if there fans get to see the home team take BP or maybe they didn't take it today.. oh well. Saw about as much Braves jerseys as Rays gear. Caught most of Atlanta's batting practice still, Jonny Gomes is a bad man in BP.

Wandered down to the visitor's dugout area with my daughter to try and snag her a ball and me some autographs, it was already packed so I was only able to grab the Wisler but that was good enough for me and my daughter got a ball so all was well. In the end the Rays won a pitcher's duel 2-0 on a 2 run homer by Kevin Kiermaier in the 7th inning. Still it was my son's first regular season Braves game and the family had a good time so no complaints here just wish the Rays would get a real baseball stadium, I might actually try to follow them if they did.

Me and my daughter at Sam's Club Tropicana Field

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Trade with Nachos Grande - 2015 A&G

Saw this box topper in one of Chris's Nachos Grande Ginter posts last week. I offered some mini inserts he needed and before I knew it this was in my mailbox. I never buy boxes (2 kids will do that) so this is an awesome addition to my collection.

He even threw in some bonus Braves so Freddie wasn't lonely on his journey down south. Was missing that Bream for my team set - Score!

I'd never even seen this set til I ripped this package, I guess I have alot of holes to plug in the ole collection from '02-2009

How many trades come with an auto of the guy sending the cards - brilliant!

I had seen these awesome Munnatawket minis on other people's blogs and was jealous, well now it is my turn. These are awesome, love that shot of Freeman. Thanks for all the great cards Chris, I hope to trade again soon.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Adventures in Ginter retail

 Picked up a rack pack and a loosie of the newest baseball card out there - 2015 Ginter

My favorite card was this Dragon which puts me at 12/20 of the Menagerie of the Mind set.

Here's the minis, a black bordered card of V-Mart who can't seem to stay healthy anymore. The Felix is yours if you need it Dimebox Nick.

Simmons was the only Brave I pulled but I had them covered from my LCS purchase last week. My first card of Addison Russell who looks to be the real deal.

Anybody trying to complete the Starting Points set? These are yours. Gus looks odd without logos, just looks like some guy in a visor.

Friday, August 7, 2015

I Love the Smell of Cardboard in my Mailbox

Got a PWE from Tim over at I Love the Smell of Cardboard in the Morning the other day but had to wait until I got back from working out of town to open it.

2 of my favorite players ever is a good way to start the package.

A green refractor and a '14 Chrome base I needed of the Wizard from Curacao.

My favorite card of Kimbrel, his classic pose with the scoreboard in the background is perfect. I didn't have this Opening Day All Star version either.

This is a 2008 SPX Winning Materials #'d 025/149. My scanner made it super dark and unreadable I guess it focused in on the relic and strange gold substance instead of the actual card. 

Some more dirty birds, these 2 of a couple of my favorite running backs the Falcons have had yet. Was watching the 1991 NFC Wild card game between the Falcons and Saints this morning on Youtube, I guess you could say I'm ready for football.

Speaking of 90's football, the cards in the nineties were crazy. This Pritchard card is freaking my eyeballs out!

Thanks for reading and thanks for the cards Tim.