Monday, August 31, 2015

Old Cards that never got Posted - Football

Excuse me while I clean out my scans folder. Love these mini black & white throwback minis from this years Bowman set. I haven't bought any retail of it yet due to the high price tag but will probably end up doing so upon purchasing my first rack pack of '15 Topps today and beholding the truly hideous design they used for flagship this year.

Here's some black parallels of the base Bowman rookie design.

The veteran design is equally clunky and could do without the weird clamp looking things in the middle of the card I think.

Moving on to a company that actually designs visually appealing football cards here's a trio of School Colors inserts I picked up from '15 Panini Contenders.

A couple RCs of second year back Devonta Freeman. Hope he lives up to his potential this year.

Here's a grouping of completely random yet shiny cards of guys I collect. Poor Dante...

Who doesn't love Gronk? If you don't you must not like fun or good times or partying. I hate the Patriots as much as the next guy but have started collecting Gronk as a PC recently.

If I buy football cards there's usually a couple Matty Ices in the mix. Getting close to 100 cards of his now and I just started buying football again.

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