Sunday, August 23, 2015

2015 NFL Contenders - Retail vs. LCS

Was at Target the other day and couldn't resist the card section.  Picked up a 40 card rack pack of the newest NFL cards they had - 2015 Prestige.

Here's the inserts,  you get four green parallels in each pack. The Green-Beckham was the only other insert I pulled.

Excuse my crappy cell phone pics,  pretty good looking base card. Shady and Percy are photoshopped into their new uniforms well.

A miracle I actually got one, nay TWO Falcons out of a retail pack this year. I opened 3 of those 50 card Score rack packs and got zero Falcons 0/150.

Luckily I was able to swing by the card shop down here when we got rained out of work on Saturday for 20 minutes and he had just busted a few boxes. 

Grabbed all these plus some more new cards he had up on the counter for $3. LCS wins again retail. 


  1. That first card grabbed my attention. Awesome stuff.

    1. It's a sexy card that may or may not be in an envelope addressed for your house