Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Trade with Nachos Grande - 2015 A&G

Saw this box topper in one of Chris's Nachos Grande Ginter posts last week. I offered some mini inserts he needed and before I knew it this was in my mailbox. I never buy boxes (2 kids will do that) so this is an awesome addition to my collection.

He even threw in some bonus Braves so Freddie wasn't lonely on his journey down south. Was missing that Bream for my team set - Score!

I'd never even seen this set til I ripped this package, I guess I have alot of holes to plug in the ole collection from '02-2009

How many trades come with an auto of the guy sending the cards - brilliant!

I had seen these awesome Munnatawket minis on other people's blogs and was jealous, well now it is my turn. These are awesome, love that shot of Freeman. Thanks for all the great cards Chris, I hope to trade again soon.

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