Saturday, October 31, 2015

Quick question

Oh my!! I'm so far behind on posts and trade posts (I haven't forgotten about you guys). I'm sitting here getting ready to watch the Florida-Georgia game and figured I'd post a few new autos I grabbed. 

This one came in the mail yesterday, got it for $5 shipped off ebay and it came with 8 of his base card. If you need/want a Mallex let me know.  Looking forward to seeing this kid get a shot at the center field job in spring. 

Picked up this mini auto of Loucheiz Purifoy at the flea market recently. Strange he got a Bowman mini as he went undrafted in 2014 but glad to add mini to the Gators collection. 

Another flea market score cheap gold refractor auto of the improving 2014 2nd round pick Hageman.

Go Royals! 

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Retail Crack - 2015 Update

Was in WalMart with the family and found myself in the card aisle somehow looking to see if they had the latest and greatest. MORE VALUE! Yes please take my money Topps.

Still hate the All-Star hats, they only looked good on the Reds... all the normal hats look ten times better. Too bad Arenado is all alone on a terrible team, could you imagine the love he'd get if he was in a major market? That other guy is pretty good too.

I don't really like the "year inserts" but a Griffey card is always cool so whatever.

Would've been looking for this so nice to pull it out of my first pack. Shows off his crazy glove too.

If I could pick any gold card out of the whole set, this would be the LAST one. Melvin Upton would be second to last of course.

I got a first home run card too but these were all new to me. Like the Pride & Prejudice one alot even if it is a little boring and hard to differintiate from the base cards.

These were actually the 2nd, 4th and 5th cards out of the pack. Pitching, pitching all the time.

Here's my shameless Falcons plug as they're now 6-1 after an ugly win over Tennessee today. I'll take it though and will be rooting for the Eagles to knock off the Panthers in a little bit.

Freeman is a monster and went over 100 yards rushing again for the 5th time in his 5 starts.

Roddy even showed up and made a few catches.

Vic Beasley got called for a stupid too many men on the field penalty but like I said a win is a win. Who's your NFL team and how do you feel about the playoffs is it gonna be the same old boring New England/Green Bay dominated postseason or do you see any darkhorses this year?

Friday, October 23, 2015

Welcome to the Club

Got a suprise PWE in the mail the other day from Jeff over at 2x3 Heroes . From reading everybody elses posts about similar happenings I guess i'm now a proud member of CLUB PWE.

This card reminds me I need to pick up some of the Leaf National cards they put out this year using this same design but acetate and clear. I remember seeing Gant at old Fulton County Stadium, crazy the Braves are building the third stadium in my lifetime already.

The Guzman marks maybe my fifth 2006 Topps card, I am badly lacking in that set. I'm working on lists now and reorganizing all my cards currently, it feels good to do it but sure takes forever. 

Jeff also packed in a few Falcons cards, Ryan needs to play alot better even if it is just the Titans on Sunday. We won against the Redskins in spite of him and he didn't help against the Saints. Julio is getting healthy again and Matthews had played great all year so far.

Speaking of clubs..


Give me all of the black & white baseball cards.

I need to get more of this set, just missed it last year.

I mean come on....

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Wonder Water - My first trip to a great LCS

On one of my other posts I showed some packs of Heritage Minors that Brian was nice enough to send me all the way from Minnesota. Dan over at Keys to the Batters Box a fellow Bay Area resident and Chelsea FC fan had mentioned they had packs of it a unknown to me LCS in Clearwater called Wonder Water.

I grabbed a pack of the brand new Gridiron Kings and pulled the above Mariota, one of the 2 hits in the box. Pretty nice card #'d/249, the cards are on the same stock as this years Diamond Kings so i'm a fan as I loved those. 

Pulled a nice trio of recievers out of the pack as well as some trade bait i'm not showing as they're already in envelopes ready to go out.

I didn't have much time but a quick scan thru the 3/$1 box unearthed these gems.

My camera work is impeccable here friends. These were also in the 3/$1 box, love the throwbacks curse the NFL and thier stupid 1 helmet all year rule...

This actually came from ebay and was waiting in my mailbox when I got home that day so all in all a good day for cards.

Monday, October 19, 2015

If it's free it's for me!

Was sitting in my truck doing paperwork last Monday and heard them say "call now for Lightning tickets" I did and actually got thru! Luckily I knew the answer to the question they asked me and won 2 suite tickets to last Thursday's game against the Stars.

Me my wife and son all went as we couldn't find a babysitter for him and my daughter. Pretty sweet seats and free coke and chips and dip. My first time sitting in the suite level at The Ice Palace Amalie Arena, i've sat everywhere else from the club to the very top to against the glass so it was cool to check it out from this level. In the first 3 minutes my man Stamkos scored on a one timer from right in front of the net on this side of the ice and that's where the good times ended.

My son had a blast flirting with Lightning girls and banging his noisemaker a nice older lady gave him when we were waiting in line to get in.

The Lightning lost 5-3 and the man on my tickets, Hedman got hurt hitting his head on the boards which looked worse than it ended up being. Luckily he was skating today at practice in a normal jersey so he should be good to go for tomorrow night's game in Nashville. We need him as our defense has looked extra weak this year.

I guess i'll post some cards as this is a card blog, here's a few Stammers I picked up at my local card show this weekend.

These Father's Day cards are pretty cool, love all the wacky variations Panini does I really wish they had a baseball license as they make a great product.

I also picked up some baseball cards including this little stack of dime vintage cards and my first deckle edge card for a whole dollar. I'll post the rest of my haul from the show soon consider this a sneak peak.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Playoff baseball! Plus cards from another AL Central city

I actually watched baseball tonight, good job TV for putting playoff baseball on air. What world do we live in where the MLB playoffs are on cable until the ALCS?! I got home from work super late around 9:30 just in time to see Salvador Perez hit a 3 run homer and the Kansas City bullpen absolutely dominate. My teams obviously out so I guess i'm rooting for the Royals, I like Ben Zobrist, Jonny Gomes and Salvador Perez. Hell I like half their players really. I'm more rooting against the Mets than for the Cubs on the other side, Kansas City over Chicago in 7. Bullpen wins.

Anyways here's the rest of the cards Brian HSCA sent over last week with the Heritage Minors packs.

I think this is only my second Museum Collection from this year and it's a serial numbered Hammer.

My first Furcal auto! I absolutely loved Furkel as a kid, the speed, the glove, the pop!

Stadium Club - Check, Acetate/clear card - Check Hall of Fame - Che.... wait hold on i'm getting word from headquarters that voters are dumb, more at 11.

I probably should buy some Heritage High Numbers but the checklist doesn't excite me. Great rookies yeah and i'm sure i'll pick up a blaster or so soon but just haven't pulled the trigger yet. Thankfully the blogosphere has sent me half the Braves team set.

If you can't tell my scanner died and I take horrible cell phone pictures. The Chipper is like a prototype for the GQ framed cards but cooler, Heyward is ridiculously shiny here, odds on him staying in St. Louis. I can't remember hearing of Luis Meirejo so this is a new one to me.

Monday, October 12, 2015

The 2015 LDS' as told by mascots, etc.

There's lots of new blood in this year's playoffs with the Astros, Blue Jays. Cubbies, Rangers & Mets who've all been missing for a few years. Some old timers like the ever popular Cardinals, Dodgers and the been here before Royals. 

I'd say this was the most highly anticipated series and it's had some good pitching and some taters. Fredbird and all his friends are pretty banged up and when Addison Russell got injured this dude stepped in and mashed one with his teammates (6 Homeruns!). Lester going tomorrow with the Cardinals facing elimination should be good.


The other series in the senior circuit is the New York Metropolitans vs the...  

Shit, wrong card...

L.A. Dodgers!

I guess I sent all my Dodgers card to Night Owl. Pretty interesting series so far with Chase Utley breaking Ruben Tejada's leg and the Mets are whooping up on the Dodgers right now in Citi Field about to take  a 2-1 lead. I guess we'll see if Kershaw can pitch in the playoffs tomorrow night as rookie Stephen Matz makes his debut.

I told you I'd give you mascots but I only got so many the other day so I've resorted to digging thru the stacks closest to me until I find a card of the other teams... Barfield here is from a recent buyback box I bought at Target which is fitting because I sent all my good Blue Jays cards to buyback box extraordinaire Douglas over at Sportscards from the Dollar Store....

Anyways another slugfest with another pretty good matchup coming up in Game 5 - Hamels v Stroman. Kind of odd for Gibbons to use David Price today instead of let him start the clinching game.

Another one headed to Game 5 - Cueto v McHugh at Kauffman stadium. Rooting for the Astros to pull this one off.

To be honest i'm just glad these guys are sitting at home, rooting for the Cubs or anybody in the AL to win it all. Thanks for reading and where do you think Don Mattingly goes when they get eliminated? Think the Nats hire him, seems like a good fit to me or I've seen rumors of them hiring Cal Ripken Jr!?

Thursday, October 8, 2015

PWE from Dimebox Nick


Nothing beats getting home from work to an unexpected PWE, this one from Nick over at Baseball Dime Box. Guy knows how to pack a serious PWE this one with cards from all over the map as usual, never knowing what card will flip out next when your looking through one of this guy's stacks.

This Kellogg's card is pristine, not a crack .

Does anything come with baseball cards anymore, I remember as a kid getting crappy cereal at Kroger just so I could get the cards inside. I remember getting some Bran cereal over sugary kids cereal more than once because they had cards inside. I'm curious to know if this card came in a jar of mayonnaise or not, probably had to mail it in.

This card makes only my second or third 1970 i'm ashamed to admit, will have to hit that box up at the card show weekend after next. The vendor I frequent told me he's bringing a new quarter box of vintage so i'll be bringing a want list with me this time, let me know if you need anyting and i'll keep an eye out for you.

Vintage, High Numbers and shiny Heritage, all needed, all awesome.

I have practically built the '92 O-Pee-Chee team set just from trades. My only other Topps Kids cards came in my first trade with Nick, I'm telling you this guy has a little bit of everything in his boxes.

More Canadian goodness here in the form of Mr. Justice.

What a shot, what a catch, what a card. Thanks for this one Nick, can't believe I didn't have this great piece of cardboard before of one my favorite players.

2 Gypsy Queen minis I needed. Tim Hudson had one hell of a career and gave some of his best years to the Braves, here's to you Tim. I'll never forget your 200th win where you hit a homer off Bryce Harper's glove.

Finally this shiny Finest of J-Up in a Atlanta Black Crackers uniform ended the non stop barrage of great cards from the Chicago area. Good luck to your Cubs Nick and thanks again for the cards.