Monday, October 5, 2015

Flea Market Finds - Eleven Dollars and A Dream

Stopped into my local flea market the other day and sniffed out some cardboard. I only had 11 bucks cash on me so I made my purchases count, here's what I walked away with - 

1 pack of 1999 UD Choice, I think this one of the last packs I opened a bunch of as kid before falling away from collecting, always loved UD and CC so here we go.

Best base card I got was the greatest hitter that I've seen so far.

Got the cover boy as my insert,  can't complain about that. 

Picked up this awesome oversized "Master Photo" of Deion from '92 Stadium Club, don't know if i'll frame it but for a buck I couldn't turn it down. This card is one of my favorites of his with the Wrigley ivy in the background.

I may have a few of these but for 25 cents each I just grabbed all the Braves he had in the '75 box.

Picked up a nice little stack of these '89 Pacific Baseball Legends cards for $3. It was probably about 30-40 cards so not bad for less than a dime a piece. This was the card on top that sold me on the team bag full.

I am a sucker for spring training shots and they don't get much better than this one.

Some more greats, I'm probably gonna send that Doerr card to the man himself as my first TTM here soon just have been slacking on all things card related (except buying them of course) since I started my new job about a month ago.

Another vendor who has all sorts of things - records, SLU action figures, Hot Wheels, nudie mags, Gatorade, war books... had an opened box of these Fleer Brilliants and told me $5 for the box. If I had more cash I probably would've jumped but picked out 10 cards for $1.

You didn't think I'd go a whole post without showing some of my 4-0 Falcons did you?

This was randomly in the box and I got it for a dime, really like these might make an effort to chase this subset. Thanks for reading and how bout them Gators?!


  1. '75s for a quarter a card? Sign me up for that discount box!

  2. That Prime Time is awesome. Well worth a buck.