Thursday, October 1, 2015

Shoebox Legends - A Trade Post

Set up my first trade with Shane over at Shoebox Legends not too long ago and got a loaded bubble mailer in the mail the other day. 

This is my first Electric Diamond parallel from '95, I've always loved this set and pretty much anything Upper Deck. 

These may just be base cards but their cards of my man Smoltzy. That Fleer set is new to me, the other 2 get me that much closer to finishing those team sets.

Mini Mike Bourn, he had a RBI last night. The team is gonna have him mentor Mallex Smith next year,  can't wait to see that kids speed play in the majors. 

Horacio Ramirez,  Jo Jo Reyes, Mike James.. so many lefties I wanted to work out that didn't. This card is ironic since Horacio is our replay review guy now. 

Another new to me set, another great thing about trade packages is the sheer randomness I almost always get cards I've never seen before and I love it.

Love this shot, this is one of the Flagship sets I have like 3 cards of so this was a welcome addition.

Needed it!

Base card mixer

Thanks for all the great cards Shane, i'll get another package together for you soon. 


  1. That last Bowman is a retail only Yellow parallel - possibly very rare?

  2. You're welcome! Brian is right, that yellow Bowman is a retail parallel. I think you got 3 of them in a bonus pack with the "3-packs-for-$6" hangers at Target or something like that...

    1. Yes your right sorry. I have the base and Chrome and put this in the binder after posting. Oops. Guess I'll chase the rainbow now since it's his first Bowman