Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Wonder Water - My first trip to a great LCS

On one of my other posts I showed some packs of Heritage Minors that Brian was nice enough to send me all the way from Minnesota. Dan over at Keys to the Batters Box a fellow Bay Area resident and Chelsea FC fan had mentioned they had packs of it a unknown to me LCS in Clearwater called Wonder Water.

I grabbed a pack of the brand new Gridiron Kings and pulled the above Mariota, one of the 2 hits in the box. Pretty nice card #'d/249, the cards are on the same stock as this years Diamond Kings so i'm a fan as I loved those. 

Pulled a nice trio of recievers out of the pack as well as some trade bait i'm not showing as they're already in envelopes ready to go out.

I didn't have much time but a quick scan thru the 3/$1 box unearthed these gems.

My camera work is impeccable here friends. These were also in the 3/$1 box, love the throwbacks curse the NFL and thier stupid 1 helmet all year rule...

This actually came from ebay and was waiting in my mailbox when I got home that day so all in all a good day for cards.


  1. I'm going to be searching for some of the Kevin White's from Gridiron Kings. Awesome looking set!

  2. Glad you got to visit Wonder Water. I stopped in there last week and picked up some stuff. It's a great store.