Friday, October 23, 2015

Welcome to the Club

Got a suprise PWE in the mail the other day from Jeff over at 2x3 Heroes . From reading everybody elses posts about similar happenings I guess i'm now a proud member of CLUB PWE.

This card reminds me I need to pick up some of the Leaf National cards they put out this year using this same design but acetate and clear. I remember seeing Gant at old Fulton County Stadium, crazy the Braves are building the third stadium in my lifetime already.

The Guzman marks maybe my fifth 2006 Topps card, I am badly lacking in that set. I'm working on lists now and reorganizing all my cards currently, it feels good to do it but sure takes forever. 

Jeff also packed in a few Falcons cards, Ryan needs to play alot better even if it is just the Titans on Sunday. We won against the Redskins in spite of him and he didn't help against the Saints. Julio is getting healthy again and Matthews had played great all year so far.

Speaking of clubs..


Give me all of the black & white baseball cards.

I need to get more of this set, just missed it last year.

I mean come on....

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