Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Off Hiatus - A Trade Post (no really for real this time)

Received a package from my favorite city in the world the other day Tony L. over at Off Hiatus. He packed a pretty good mix of all the teams I collect

I believe Avery is to blame for my lifelong love of lefties, him and Jeff Blauser were my favorites from before I remember. 
My son throws a baseball and football left handed at one so i'm hoping he's a lefty when he grows up.

Klesko is another of my old favorites I need to pick up the Fan Favorites Archives auto from this year.

I need all the help I can get on most Topps set older than '88 especially that Bob Walk stache. I want Torre's jacket. 

If you need one card to represent 1983 this one would be in the running.  

I had asked for this card on one of Tony's posts a while back, this thing is sweet looks to be a photographers sample.


Didn't have this one,  he had a scoop and score in Sunday's blowout against Houston, can't wait to see what they do to the Washington Football Club Sunday.

I would like to see this play as the interception looks ridiculous.

Glanville needs to write a book,  love all these Pro Set cards as they were some of the first football cards I got as a kid.

Spikes was my favorite defensive player on the '08 championship team, I'm sure Tony was glad to jettison this one from the ol' collection. Can't wait for Jacksonville! Gotta go to Colombia and Death Valley first though,  should be fun. 

These are my first Chelsea cards i'm ashamed to admit. Cech is playing for our number one rival who looked amazing on Sunday vs Tony's Man U. We'll see though hopefully Chelsea avoids relegation games layer this season as they've played like utter shit thus far. Mourinho looks to be on the way out... again.

Lampard sadly joined the ranks of old timers in MLS 2 years ago. I'm planning my first trip to an Orlando City game soon with some friends.

Way before my time but still great cards. 

How did I not have this beautiful card???

Thanks for all the great cards Tony. I always keep an eye out for Brewers for you and will continue to do so.  


  1. Make sure you buy a safety deposit box for that Bob Walk. I fear for you safety after showing that card. It is the most sought after card ever.

  2. I'm embarrassed to admit that today is the first time I got back to your blog to see this post! I'm glad that you enjoyed the cards. I have tons more Braves from before 1988 that I can send your way, so let me know when you want them!