Monday, October 12, 2015

The 2015 LDS' as told by mascots, etc.

There's lots of new blood in this year's playoffs with the Astros, Blue Jays. Cubbies, Rangers & Mets who've all been missing for a few years. Some old timers like the ever popular Cardinals, Dodgers and the been here before Royals. 

I'd say this was the most highly anticipated series and it's had some good pitching and some taters. Fredbird and all his friends are pretty banged up and when Addison Russell got injured this dude stepped in and mashed one with his teammates (6 Homeruns!). Lester going tomorrow with the Cardinals facing elimination should be good.


The other series in the senior circuit is the New York Metropolitans vs the...  

Shit, wrong card...

L.A. Dodgers!

I guess I sent all my Dodgers card to Night Owl. Pretty interesting series so far with Chase Utley breaking Ruben Tejada's leg and the Mets are whooping up on the Dodgers right now in Citi Field about to take  a 2-1 lead. I guess we'll see if Kershaw can pitch in the playoffs tomorrow night as rookie Stephen Matz makes his debut.

I told you I'd give you mascots but I only got so many the other day so I've resorted to digging thru the stacks closest to me until I find a card of the other teams... Barfield here is from a recent buyback box I bought at Target which is fitting because I sent all my good Blue Jays cards to buyback box extraordinaire Douglas over at Sportscards from the Dollar Store....

Anyways another slugfest with another pretty good matchup coming up in Game 5 - Hamels v Stroman. Kind of odd for Gibbons to use David Price today instead of let him start the clinching game.

Another one headed to Game 5 - Cueto v McHugh at Kauffman stadium. Rooting for the Astros to pull this one off.

To be honest i'm just glad these guys are sitting at home, rooting for the Cubs or anybody in the AL to win it all. Thanks for reading and where do you think Don Mattingly goes when they get eliminated? Think the Nats hire him, seems like a good fit to me or I've seen rumors of them hiring Cal Ripken Jr!?


  1. I keep hearing that Cal rumor too. In some ways Cal would make sense since he is a pretty calm and collected guy unlike Matt Williams. On the flip side he has absolutely no experience. Seems like the Nats would be better suited trying to lure someone with more of a track record. How about Buck Showalter!

    1. Ron Gardenhire is available, too. . .

      Did Showalter get fired or does he still have his job?

  2. Every one of those mascot cards you showed is just awesome. I really need to pick up more of those...