Thursday, October 8, 2015

SportLOTS of Bowman Chrome

Ordered some cards off a few weeks ago to keep myself from going crazy buying 4 card packs of Bowman Chrome.

I figure I'll show one guy who is actually still playing baseball. 

One is a top prospect that steals tons of bases, one was traded for a thirty year old unknown and the other is the franchise cornerstone.

I'm excited to see Sims and Jenkins pitch in Spring for a spot in the rotation. Fried came over in the Justin Upton deal and just started throwing again after Tommy John but is a former first round pick with lots of upside. The 3 veterans will all be back with the team next year unless they join the traded club before then which wouldn't shock me for any of them honestly.

I believe these 2 finished my Finest team set for this year.

Ordered this card without having seen this set and it's what I expected nothing too special but it's a new Freeman card so I had to have it.

This picture looks to be from the World Series in '96 I suppose. Great shot as usual from SC.

I am slowly but surely inching closer to completing this set, it's by far my favorite since re-entering the hobby a little over a year ago.

As the great Roddy White once said "Pick your poison", this year's offense looks pretty damn good. 

Love that both these are rain shots. Hopefully Hardy debuts soon and it looks like TeCo may be back this week to be Lightning to Devonta's Thunder.

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