Sunday, October 25, 2015

Retail Crack - 2015 Update

Was in WalMart with the family and found myself in the card aisle somehow looking to see if they had the latest and greatest. MORE VALUE! Yes please take my money Topps.

Still hate the All-Star hats, they only looked good on the Reds... all the normal hats look ten times better. Too bad Arenado is all alone on a terrible team, could you imagine the love he'd get if he was in a major market? That other guy is pretty good too.

I don't really like the "year inserts" but a Griffey card is always cool so whatever.

Would've been looking for this so nice to pull it out of my first pack. Shows off his crazy glove too.

If I could pick any gold card out of the whole set, this would be the LAST one. Melvin Upton would be second to last of course.

I got a first home run card too but these were all new to me. Like the Pride & Prejudice one alot even if it is a little boring and hard to differintiate from the base cards.

These were actually the 2nd, 4th and 5th cards out of the pack. Pitching, pitching all the time.

Here's my shameless Falcons plug as they're now 6-1 after an ugly win over Tennessee today. I'll take it though and will be rooting for the Eagles to knock off the Panthers in a little bit.

Freeman is a monster and went over 100 yards rushing again for the 5th time in his 5 starts.

Roddy even showed up and made a few catches.

Vic Beasley got called for a stupid too many men on the field penalty but like I said a win is a win. Who's your NFL team and how do you feel about the playoffs is it gonna be the same old boring New England/Green Bay dominated postseason or do you see any darkhorses this year?


    At least you got a few Braves

  2. Venditte! Glad to see he made it into the Update checklist. (And would you mind putting that Uggla aside for me if it's not already spoken for?)

    1. I'll happily do so anything to get it out of the house. I've got a small stack for you this'll give me reason to send it over.