Sunday, August 2, 2015

July Card Show with extra pigskin

So apparently there was some big card show in the midwest this weekend.. well I'm still in shock from the trade deadline. So i'll post some cards from my local monthly card show at the flea market.

Still mad at John Hart for trading this guy along with a top prospect for Hector Olivera $300K party bus!? This guy has ZERO MLB at bats... hope he works out as he's 30. Anyways I picked up 2 copies of this Wood card along with the rest of the Series 2 team set out of a 5/$1 box.

Switching subjects to something i'm actually excited about WHO'S READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!? Grabbed this mini of Julio another PC guy from my favorite local vendor who had a ton of new football stuff so I stocked up.

This purchase caused me to go out and buy a blaster box of 2015 Panini Contenders. Of course I got zero Falcons so it's a good thing I stocked up at the show.

My first cards of the 2015 first round pick, hopefully he can give us the pass rush we so desperately need. This was my biggest football purchase as far as volume of cards in a long time and I didn't even know Leaf was still making cards..

More Contender goodness, these of fourth round pick and the all time NCAA receptions record holder Justin Hardy. Hoping he can learn from Roddy and Julio and fill in for Harry Douglas.

Also got my first cards of 3rd round pick out of Indiana Tevin Coleman who should get plenty of looks in Kyle Shannahan's zone blocking system.

Only found one card of 2nd round pick Jalen Collins who could start, at least at nickel. A few other rookie cards here as well.

Sorry for going so Football heavy but had to pick up this insert of the Ice Man.

Matt needs to get us to playoffs this year in what looks to be another down year in the NFC South. 

Still my favorite player on the Falcons been there since the Vick days, Roddy might still get 1,000 yards this year.

Found a football nickel box and grabbed pretty much every Falcon I didn't have out of it. Can't get enough nickel cards, ever.

Told ya I got alot of football cards, that Gronk Camo is top notch. Decided that day i'm starting a Gronk PC. My favorite non-Falcon in the league right now.

I guess i'll post some baseball cards too, just bummed about the odd trade we made and pretty much waving the white flag losing six in a row before today...

Some parallels of the best defensive player in baseball and a refractor of maybe the second.

Lastly in that same box I grabbed all the Series 2 cards I found this Bowman Chrome without and Chrome or foil..are these rare or just a mistake?


  1. Watching Alex Wood pitch is an uncomfortable experience. That windup looks painful

    I thought the Wood trade was extremely odd for the Braves. I get making him available, but the return seems to go against what the Braves are trying to accomplish. They must really like Olivera, or thought Wood was regressing to the point where he was going to lose all trade value.

    1. Yeah I thought the same but reading up on available free agent bats at our positions of need it makes sense I guess since there's no LF/3B worth signing. Peraza was made expendable because of Albies and Jace. But if Olivera doesn't hit were gonna look like suckers.. rooting for yall the rest of the way.