Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Another PWE from Brian

Me and Brian from Highly Subjective & Completely Arbitrary have been sending envelopes back and forth for a little while and the other day another one showed up.

Here's what was inside, this Chrome-fractor '14 Freeman makes a great addition to my rainbow. 

Another refractor of McCann, a Lemmer and the big cat.  I love that card in the middle but it's at home 300 miles away so I can't tell you what it is...

Another new Freeman and 2 new Chippers, I just went over 100 different Chipper cards the other day. Nine year old would be proud.  Thanks again Brian, I'm going to a show next weekend and will fill out another envelope to send your way.


  1. Cool cards! I really like the Donruss Originals of Chipper- now you need to find the other two! (unless, of course, you already have them).

  2. Did you give that Freddie Freeman to your daughter?

    1. No not that one but she has a ton, has them all in toploaders too.

      He's one of my PCs they just traded my favorite player so I guess I'll hop on the Freddie-wagon with her.