Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Cards From Across the Border

Made my first trade with Douglas over at Sportscards From The Dollar for some cards off his Archives want list

In return he sent me some Archives I was looking for. Freddie Freeman your our only hope.

I don't have too many Ty Cobb cards and this one's a great shot. Frank Thomas looks huge in this photo another Georgia Peach. This was my first card of Jason Heyward in Cardinal red. Shelby's working out well in that trade I suppose...

Doug said he was sending some bonus cards, these white frames GQs are awesome, I love these framed parallels. Simmons looks like he needs the All Star break and hopefully we'll get our #3 hitter back not too long after that.

He also said he'd throw some Lightning cards in the package as well and did he ever. This super thick serial numbered Stamkos from Panini Prime looks like it was made to be autographed in gold ink, may have to give it a shot as they practice right down the street from my house.

This die cut looks awesome scanned, sometimes my scanner kills cards but this one really pops in digital form.

More Stammer, hopefully Stevie Y can lock him up for the future. I always liked Teddy Purcell who's now in Edmonton still being the same solid player.

A couple Bish cards for the collection here, it will be interesting to see what the Lightning do with Bishop's contract expiring after next year and Andrei Vasilevsky (20 y/o) waiting in the wings.

....of Tampa Bay goaltenders.

Unfortunately I don't have any of Andrei's cards to show here but I do have this awesome relic of the departed Brett Connolly Doug sent over.

These weren't even all the Bolts cards he packed in the mailer! Thanks for the memories and the lopsided trade you demanded to New York Marty, we've got Cally (and a Cup) thanks to you.

Another National Hockey Card Day card from a trade, the Pinnacle is in French as well and boy am I tempted to peel that Dino.

Doug didn't stop there though he made sure to hit all 3 teams I collect and sent over these 2 from '15 Score, I've bought two of the $5 50 packs from Target and gotten zero Falcons so these were much needed. If anybody I trade with collects football as well I have some cards for you I just sorted all my old football cards by team.

Thanks again for all the cards Doug, I will be getting something together for you when I get back from purgatory aka Fort Lauderdale.

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