Friday, July 24, 2015

Obligatory Ginter Post

Been into Target the last few days and struck out so I headed to the LCS down here in Ft Lauderdale to see if they had packs. 

Only boxes and I avoid those but he had busted a few and had a box 'o singles.  Of course I grabbed the team set with a few extras for PCs even.

3 minis as well, why the hell is Kimbrel a Brave in this set he's been in San Diego since March but he's a PC guy so score!

Also picked up the baseball writers (who cares about anybody else from ESPN) The Rocky cards, a Kimbrel insert and a Souza Jr. on the Rays.

Grabbed over half the Menagerie of the Mind set and the only Ancient Armory card that matters - the tomahawk. 

2 more inserts

Some more minis to close, I got another 100 or so baseball/football singles all for the price of a blaster and got most of the Ginter cards I wanted.  I'll probably end up buying some retail when I see it but this scratched the itch for now. Sorry for the crappy cell phone pics I've been working out of a town for a couple weeks now.


  1. Great buy! I particularly love the Rocky cards!

  2. The non-baseball subjects have gotten progressively worse in A&G over the years, but that Berlin Wall card is pretty neat. Hoping to get my hands on some A&G soon.

    1. I agree, always like the animals but not as good as they used to be.

  3. Hey man, I'm across the Alley in Naples. How is that LCS in The Fort?