Thursday, July 2, 2015

Cards from Night Owl - A Trade Post

I've been reading his blogs since I started lurking around these parts and was a little shocked when the Night Owl himself reached out to me to trade for some shiny Dodgers I had pulled out of a '15 Heritage blaster a few weeks ago. Still in shock that he actually read my blog but even more that I might have a Dodgers card he didn't I did my best to put together a solid trade package to send him.

I got a return package the other day and there were some awesome cards inside. Not sure what set this is from of Warren Spahn, it's Card No. 2 of 12 Series No. 5, somebody help me out because I love the simple design and want them all!

2006/2004 Fleer Tradition here, I missed out on these as I was too cool for baseball cards throughout High School. Glad these were sent my way because again I didn't know about these sets, great stuff. Makes you miss when 12 companies made licensed baseball cards.

Another new to me set, 2009 O-Pee-Chee, this guy is pitching in AAA for the Braves right now and hopefully makes it back to the big club soon. I was always a fan of the tattooed side-arming Australian and he's recovered from his second TJ surgery already. 

Hey! A set I recognize and love, 2008 UD Masterpieces might be one of my favorite sets of all time just for the card stock it's printed on.

Ok, I'd heard of these but didn't own any until now, bring these back Topps!

I missed out on this era of the Braves being born in '88 and I don't think I missed too much except great hair and mustaches.. and lots of losing.

I'm sure Night Owl was glad to jettison this serial numbered card of now division rival J-Up, and is probably enjoying their demise more than even I am. (sorry Underdog) I thought the Padres were actually gonna be good this year but I have a buddy that kept saying look at Oakland last year and well so far that's pretty much what it's looked like.

Thanks a lot for all the great cards Night Owl, I'll keep an eye out for '75 buybacks and confusing Dodgers parallels for you from now on.


  1. Nice Ones from Night Owl!

    That Spahn is from a 1983 set called "The Warren Spahn Story" Card #1 in the 11 card set is autographed. Company was called ASA (Authentic Sports Autographs, Inc.) There's also a Hank Aaron set from that year.

    1. Awesome thanks man. I'll have to track that down, sure the autos won't come cheap though

  2. I am enjoying the Padres' season immensely. Not as much as the Angels' season, but almost.

    Glad these came in handy!

  3. Spahn. Spahn. Spahn. C ya tomorrow