Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Mail from 2x3 and eBay

Got a PWE from Jeff over at 2 by 3 Heroes the other day, he had scoped my Archives needs list off a Sportscards from the Dollar Store comment and sent these and a few more over. I met Ozzie Smith at a Red Lobster once as a kid while wearing a Braves Taz shirt not long after the epic 1996 NLCS. Got his autograph on a cocktail napkin but lost it in a move...

This thing is like a piece of ice and weighs a ton, very cool of the rookie. Congrats to your Blackhawks see you next year.

A few more Lightning cards filled out this loaded PWE. 

Haven't found any packs of Pro Debut yet so I'm going the singles route, found this one of 2014 1st round pick Braxton Davidson for $4 shipped off the 'bay. 

Another eBay purchase, saw free shipping and no bids so I put 26 cents down and won, less than a stamp so I kinda felt bad but hey he's a PC guy for me so I needed it.


  1. I can never decide if I like Pro Debut or Heritage Minors better. The checklists will have to be the deciding factor I guess. Great cards!

    1. I like the way pro debut looks better than flagship, if Heritage is '66 design again wonder if they stick to no action shots again for Minors