Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Catching Up: Bob Walk Trade + LCS trip

Well I didn't post yesterday, too nervous for the hockey game that ended a great season for my Lightning. Ben Bishop played balls out and with what turns out a torn hip, if he hadn't gotten hurt and missed a game who knows what would've happened but alas the Blackhawks are champions again... anyways let's move on to less depressing subjects like baseball cards.

Set up a trade with Matt over at Bob Walk the Plank, our first and he was kind enough to send me these 2 2012 Archives Fan Favorites autographed cards. Both are new autographs to my collection and guys I grew up loving as a kid. Thanks Matt!

He also sent over these serial numbered Falcons from 2004 Fleer Platinum #'d out of 100 as seen on the Warrick Dunn card below.

Mr. Dunn is now a minority owner of the Falcons and seems to always be on the news doing charity work both here in Tampa and up in Atlanta. He gives furnished homes to single mothers around Christmas every year and was one of my favorite players back in the day.

This guy.... this is a cool card

I was over by the only LCS in Tampa the other day around lunch and grabbed a 2000 count box and few cards out of the binders on the display case, grand total $4.75, better than ripping a single pack.

This is my first of the newer unlicensed Studio cards, used to have a bunch of the huge 8x10 1997 or so but have no idea what became of them. 

Can't pass up new Chippers, the middle card is serial #'d 4432/9799.

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