Friday, June 19, 2015

Post: Not quite Kellogg's but still cereal cards

As a kid eating cereal was never about actually that - eating the cereal. It was all about the baseball cards hidden inside the box. I never got to complete a set back then but still have a few cards from the glory days when cereal came with baseball cards buried inside.

As you can see six year old me didn't take care of his Griffey cards too well. Looking back at all my Griffey cards they all have some bend or crease somewhere probably from me and all my friends passing them around in awe as we played this: 

My favorite player was Chipper Jones growing up in Atlanta but Griffey was close and being a kid I thought any card with Griffey was cool even base cards. Try telling an 8 year old a base card isn't cool. I'm sure we were drinking Surge and eating Hot Cheetos as well. Anyways here's the back of the card:

Here's some more from '94 Post:

Suprised I didn't feed this card to my dog, the Phillies beat my Braves in the 1993 NLCS. I actually did destroy players cards I didn't like as a kid. I remember me and some friends burning a bunch of  Yankees cards after the '96 Series... Sorry Tim.

The Big Hurt, as a kid I never notice these cards didn't have logos but they are all shot where that fact is pretty unnoticeable.

This is one I've received recently through a trade, I never had good luck pulling Braves as a kid even out of cereal boxes.

I can't recall pulling these out of the box as I was only 4 years old at the time but these are still pretty cool looking cards and featured some future Hall of Famers.

Like this guy, I thought George Brett was a cheater as a kid from seeing the pine tar attack highlight so many times but now realize he was just an angry bastard.

Full career stats - gotta love it.

Same with Darryl Strawberry. I just remember the bad things like him getting busted for Cocaine.

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