Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Bustin' Packs: Mascot Style

I posted yesterday to let you all know that Target was having a sale on loose packs. As promised here are the highlights out of the 3 packs I got.

14 cards and 3 mascots = AWESOME, also 2 Team Spirits which are listed as a 1:8 on the back of the pack.

 I also got a pack of Heritage and the Dodgers curse continues, though I like that Rookie stars card. I sent Night Owl a trade package about 4 hours before busting this pack..

Also got this Fred McGriff in the mail which is the last of the short prints I needed to complete my Braves team set, I got the Eddie Mathews a week or so ago in the mail. Paid less than $3 total for both!

 I already had these 2 from a JustCommons.com order last month. Eventually i'll pick a WHOLE set to build but for now will probably stick to team sets and loose cards/busting packs.



  1. Looks like you picked some solid packs. I'm hoping to pick up the complete set of those Gypsy Queen throwbacks if I find it cheap somewhere.

  2. That is a good deal on the short prints. They can be a huge pain in the butt.