Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Chopped Up: Brick O' Cards

Steve over at The Card Chop told me he had some Braves to send me when he got back from vacation. A couple weeks later this showed up in my mailbox:

There were definitely cards in here for my collection, a ton of Braves I didn't have. 

I have mentioned on this blog before that I don't have very many cards from before I was born (1988) and posted about the few recent vintage purchases I have made to start collecting older cards.  Steve jump started that big time as seen above in the main picture. 

1960 Carl Willey. I had one '60 Topps so this doubled my collection. The 1958 Rookie of the Year

My first '61 Topps - Mr. Nottebart would go on to pitch to a 3.65 ERA over a 9 year career including a stop as a Houston Colt .45. Speaking of which I need to get some of  those old .45's cards

Another first - '64 Felipe in excellent condition I'll add

1971 Batting Leaders, gotta love the black borders.

Have a year Rico (stats from

Yes those are '75 Topps minis you see in the big picture up top. These are awesome, crazy colors and the great Braves throwbacks in old Fulton County Stadium, well at least the Robinson is. 

Another mini this one featuring a Hall of Famer.

I've mentioned Topps overuse of the gray Niekro before but this one seems appropriate.

Steve sent plenty of newer cards as well but there's so many good one i'm going to split it up by era. Thanks so much Steve enjoy your summer hiatus I will be working on a return package for you.

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  1. Excellent stuff! The 1975 Topps Ralph Garr is one of my favorite cards of all-time.