Saturday, June 13, 2015

Highly Subjective and Completely Awesome: A trade post

Forgive me for the horribly cheesy post title. 
I set up a trade with Brian over at Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary for a mini Julio Teheran from a post he did last month on 2015 Gypsy Queen. I sent him some Twins and PC guys and he sent me these cards:

Didn't expect this awesome mini gold Kimbrel to show up, serial #'d 46/99 which I checked my only other gold mini that Underdog sent me and it too is #'d 46/99 just thought it was crazy 2 cards from 2 different traders had the same serial #. 

Brian also sent over some normal sized cards that I needed including these new Braves. Shelby Miller has been pitching great so far this year and has pitched 6 scoreless today as I write this. Grilli has filled in nicely at closer so far for Kimbrel, they both have 2 blown saves and Grilli has 16 saves to Kimbrel's 15 so far and has a lower ERA.


2 Heywards, a Medlen and a Golden Upton who apparently hated my scanner. Looking forward to seeing Medlen pitch again in Kansas City, he is about to come back from his second Tommy John and I hope he can capture some of what he used to have.

Had the Flagship of this Freeman but this Opening Day and Chrome are new, as is the Chipper. You can never go wrong with Chipper.

This is my first Sheffield in a Braves uni, I think I have about 60 different cards of his but somehow this is my first with him as a Brave. Mike Hampton.. ugh so much money, so many injuries. Will Andruw Jones get any HoF votes? He has the 104th highest career WAR over guys like Jackie Robinson, Shoeless Joe Jackson and Willie Stargell.

Not worried about this guy getting any votes as most RBI by a 3B is just one of the records he holds.

Love this '84 Topps, Archives should've done cards like this instead of the Presidents insert.

These were my first '79 Topps, I don't have many cards from before I was born but have been picking them up lately and trades have acclerated that quickly.

Same goes for O-Pee-Chee cards, I had almost none but now thanks to trades I do which of course will lead me to picking more of these up.

This '81 Fleer card is just a goofy ass picture if I was Rafael Ramirez i'd be pissed this terrible picture of me was floating around as one of my baseball cards 

2 awesomely oversized Murphs to close out the baseball portion of this post. 

In the end Brian covered all 3 of the teams who's cards I collect including this Vinny which i'm closing with to say.....

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  1. Now you will have to build a team set of 46/99 of gypsy Queen Gold Braves minis - good luck!