Monday, June 8, 2015

Trade with Dimebox Nick

I sent Nick over at Baseball Dimebox some cards off his want list as well as some PCs and other cards I thought would fit in his eclectic collection. In return he sent me a STACK of Braves from all over the map. This Glenn Hubbard would be the card i'd pick out to describe his blog to someone.

What we have here a bearded big leaguer holding a snake surrounded by mascots at what looks like fan fest in old Fulton County Stadium. Basically a mix of everything. You can see the Philly Phanatic clearly in the background.

Like I said Nick sent a mixture of everything, here we have a Topps Kids Otis Nixon card as colorful as ever, a Toys R Us David Justice rookie card and a Greg Olson playing card.

Here we have 3 right handed sluggers from over the years, Topps had minis one size in the 80's and then enlarged them slightly for the 2013 set apparently.

More oddball goodness this time in the form of Food cards, I remember having this Jimmy Dean Avery as a kid but I must have traded it back then because I don't have it now. Same thing goes for the '94 Post Justice, I actually found a copy of it a few weeks ago if anyone needs one.

Some very plain looking but still awesome retro cards of Ben Cantwell who I have to admit I had to look up. He won 20 games for the Braves is 1933 then lost 25 in 1935, the last pitcher to lose that many. He also batted .231 in his career pretty dang good for a pitcher. This is my first card of Sweet Bread in a Braves uniform.

Nick also sent a mixture of several different Topps sets, including my 2nd '66 and my first '75. I know, I know I gotta get on my vintage and these are a good start/inspiration to do so. 

Poor Phil Niekro, even in his newer cards they print him with gray hair but I guess that's his look.

Some old favorites signing autographs for the fans, one of my favorite shots that hardly ever gets used anymore it seems. Lots of Justice in this package and i'm not complaining.

I think I busted about a hundred packs of those yellow Fleer '91's as a kid and have never even seen that Glavine sliding into home card. Was looking at the checklist of Topps Archives and thought it was funny Sid Bream is listed as a fan favorites autograph card as a Pirate, this Topps '92 card has it right.

Loved these Metal Universe cards as a kid and this Glavine is another one I never had but now do thanks to Nick.

I don't really remember Jose Oliva (see Jones, Chipper) but what the hell is going on here Fleer I feel like they coated the cards with LSD or at least it feels like they did when looking at this card.

Nick's a hep cat and sent some modern day cards in the package too, that Heyward Turkey Red is a beaut, think it's kinda funny they did a saber stars card on BABIP as it's pretty much luck but I'll take any FF5 card I can get.

J-Up may be crushing baseballs on the west coast for the Underdog Padres now but i'll never forget that first month when he absolutely destroyed the baseball for a month straight. The Topps diamond card are great to look at even though this shot makes it look more like  a Brian Snitker card than a Rick Ankiel one, Ankiel hit one into the bay in the 2010 NLDS and I remember sitting in my garage listening to the game on the radio because we had just moved in our house and didn't have cable yet.

Look closely and you'll see Chief Noc-A-Homa in his tent in left center.

Thanks again for the cards Nick, I hope we can trade again and if you haven't already check out his blog at


  1. Klesko got so many cool rookie cards. It was the perfect time cardboard-wise to be a rookie.

    1. Agreed this one is out of some price guide, off center cut and lists the photography studio on the back. Peak 90's

  2. Glad you enjoyed everything! It is my mission to get a copy of that '91 Fleer Glavine to as many people possible. Definitely one of my all-time favorites. Let's trade again soon.

    1. It's a great shot. For sure I'll be on the lookout for you at the card show next weekend

  3. That's a great bunch of cards from Nick!

  4. Yes - let us trade. Although you should know that all you Braves collectors are eating me alive. :-(

    1. There are alot of us on here it seems, I collect other stuff too!

      Email me and we'll sort the details : jeffreymatthewjones (AT) gmail DOT com thanks