Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Mail Bag: Frickin' Lasers!

 Saw a lot of Chipper cards on Ebay the other day, most of which I didn't have and put a $0.99 bid in. A few days later I had won so for $3.32 with shipping I got a nice stack of new cards of which I only had one. 

This laser cut card I'm sure was a technological masterpiece in 1996.

I had never seen any of these 1995 Pinnacle Clear Shots before this one. Pretty cool card that scanned terribly.

Some sparkly Bowman from '93, '94 & '95. I got 2 of the card on the left if anybody needs it.

The Starquest was the only card I already had out of the whole lot. Collector's Choice was all I could afford with my allowance as an 11 year old and I think 1999 was the last year I bought cards for a long time according to the huge 10 year gap in my collection.

Some nice looking Pinnacle prospect cards, my second ever "Emotion" card and the Topps top prospects I've always wanted but never wanted to pay "book" for are all mine now! 8 year old me is ecstatic.

Closing out this Chipper bomb with the great photography of Stadium Club.

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