Sunday, June 7, 2015

Blastin' Blasters: 2014 Allen and Ginter

Saw a box of last years Allen & Ginter in the discount section at Target and couldn't resist the urge to bust some packs. I usually have buyers remorse after buying retail but figured for $13 bucks A&G would give me enough variety to be worth it.

 Got one "hit" out of the 8 packs of one of my least favorite players on my least favorite teams. Still a nice looking card but this guy runs his mouth about the Braves too much for somebody on a team that hasn't proved anything yet.

Also got a A&G backed Newhouser, a Mike Trout and a black bordered Matt Carpenter who's been killing the ball this year.

Onto the "variety", I love most of the A&G subsets and this one is extra cool with the awesome intricate border and it being Marco Polo.

This is my third card out of the World's Deadliest Predator set, I had the American Alligator and Blue Ringed Octopus. I think these cards add to mystery (see above Question mark card) and variety of A&G packs in that you won't get 10 guys batting/pitching in every pack.

Got these 6 full sized non-baseball inserts- probably have to say the Titanic is the best looking card out of the bunch but the Natural Wonder is good looking too.

I got 8 packs in my blaster and 4 Pasttime's Pastimes cards, the Harper and Gooden are from the only other 2 packs I had opened of this set previously. All of these are up for trade if anyone needs them.

Love the mix of hall of famers, today's players and other random cards you get in A&G and will probably make my first hobby box purchase of this years set when it comes out . If anyone is having a group break I may do that as well. 


  1. I love finding clearance blasters of A&G. I've never bought a hobby box, so it's about the only way I get any of that product. BTW, I'd be happy to give that Desmond relic a new home since you don't like him very much.

  2. It is going to be interesting to see how Desmond does is free agency. His defense has been piss poor, but the bat plays big time. Plus he has had three consecutive 20+ homerun seasons. That usually makes you a lot of money as a shortstop.

    1. I could see clubs trying to pay him less and move him to 1B cus he is awful at short. I see NYY signing him since DidI didn't work, he's got Yankee written all over him to me.

      What's up with your boy coming after FF5 man!?