Monday, June 22, 2015

Card Show: Vintage, Minis and Bubblegum

Went to the card show with my daughter on Saturday and picked up a little bit of everything - $1 autos, quarter vintage, dime boxes, Pokemon cards, etc. 

Got this beat up '72 Lou Brock for a quarter because it looked well loved. It's beat up but I like it.

Couldn't turn down this '74 Dock Ellis card for 25 cents, in pretty good shape.

This '66 Mazeroski is a little banged up but had to get it of the 1960 World Series Hero

Didn't have any cards of The Big Train so I picked this one up. Love the magazine cover look.

My first '58 Topps of  Bob "Hawk" Taylor, why don't ballplayers have cool nicknames anymore? Their all just First name initial/shortened last name: J-Hey, JUP, MadBum, Cutch... boring.

Had to grab this pair of '68 Bravos, even though i'm not a big fan of the '68 design.

The guy I bought the vintage from had quarter wax packs too and I picked up a '88 Topps just because it's the year I was born and it HAD GUM INSIDE. Should I eat it, looks like a nice black mold spot there on the bottom. It was fun peeling this open even if the cards were no good.

Ultra Rare 1/1 gum stained back guys!

At least the pack had a Hall of Famer, the other guys I didn't even recognize.

I don't really like minis (hard to store) but had to get these for 5/$1

These are minis too, another Wisler whoo!

I know it's only June but it's nice to look at this card and see we got 3 of San Diego's top 5 Prospects plus Cameron Maybin for a rental and a closer (even if he is the best closer in the game)

These aren't mins but fit in nicely being prospects we got from San Diego. Matt Wisler's MLB stat line 8IP 1ER 0BB, not bad for his first start.

As always thanks for reading and i'll have more cards from the card show tomorrow.


  1. That's a great Dock Ellis, and I've always loved the subset that the Walter Johnson came from. Good stuff.

  2. Hey just found you and added you to my blog roll. Nice blogging!

  3. My copy of that '72 Brock has a couple holes near the right side of the card, like somebody shot at it with a BB gun. My point being...well-loved vintage rules!

  4. Saw some like that, wish I'd bought more now.

  5. Don't eat the gum! You will regret it if you do. . . .

    A nice mix of eras in your post, it's always fun to bring home a little variety!