Sunday, June 28, 2015

Flea Market / Card Show Scores

Most of these are leftovers from the card show I went to last weekend but it was at the same flea market I went to today so we'll just bunch them together and call it even:


Pulled this out of a dime box, had never seen these photo negative style/acetate Leaf inserts before so I grabbed this one of the Hall of Famer.

Another clear/acetate 90's insert, this one from Skybox. Another Canadian team too.

Grabbed this Michael Tucker auto out of a dollar box, strangely serial numbered on the back.

Sticking to the 90's here's some Andruw cards I grabbed out of the dime boxes.

Gold, shiny... a little bit of everything.

I think the frequency of his wearing of high socks factored into my love of Andruw as a kid.

Some more from the dime box - I'll probably put that Maddux bobble head thing together eventually

Grabbed a couple of these Postseason Heroes inserts out of '13 Update, one foil one regular.

Didn't see Mr. Justice in there but he's still my hero forever!

Grabbed these inserts from '15 Series 1 at 5/$1

This one's from Series 2 is rather boring but had to grab it for the 2 legends.

Busted a couple blasters of Opening Day and didn't get any of these, now I have all 3 for 60 cents!

Insert mania! Heyward is finally BREAKING OUT but in St. Louis, having his best offensive year since 2012. Grilli was not FIRED UP about giving up the winning run in Pittsburgh on Friday night.

Rainbow foil Opening Day of Jonny Gomes, I try to add cards of guys on the roster as much as I can but haven't got too many of his or A.J. Pierzinski yet. I'm trying guys

Cakes was a questionable signing at the time but he's done nothing but hit .300 although not for much power as he sits on exactly zero homeruns on the year. 

Gotta love these National Chicle cards.

Picked up this auto of newly acquired reliever Chris Withrow out of the same dollar box - The Braves just drafted his brother earlier this month, I believe Chris is recovering from Tommy John so the Braves had to get him in the Juan Uribe/Alberto Callaspo trade. John Hart loves guys recovering from injury it seems.

Had to pick up this Duke Ellington '75 style card, I own most of his records so I had to pull the trigger at $5/1

These were the other 4 I got with the Duke, one of these is not like the others. Get out of there Kelly!

Closing this post out with a single football card as we inch closer and closer to football season, here in SEC country people are already talking about it so here's a nice Prizm of Julio to end this post.


  1. I also hit up my local flea market today. I actually found that same Robbie Alomar "Slideshow" insert at the flea market last year, although mine came from a quarter box. Looks like a solid day all around.

    1. I knew you'd like that one, kinda grabbed it for you but since you've got it I get to keep it!

  2. Looks like you got some good cards there.

    You brought up football, though. Please tell me that you are not a Florida Gator.

    1. I am, I grew up cheering for GT so when I moved here it just made sense.

  3. Nice stuff Jeff! At least Grilli looked good yesterday. For some reason he didn't throw many sliders on Friday. I guess Cutch leading off with that double made him worry about the wild pitch.

    That Robbie Alomar is sweet!

    1. Yep another adventerous save by him, I thought we were gonna blow it after that collision. I can get back to rooting for you guys now that we're done playing y'all, go get them stinkin Cards!

  4. Great cards! I like those Andruws- and a Murphy my eyes have never seen!!! (DK Gallery of Stars)